BSc Polymer Engineering


Programme Description

The Polymer Engineering Technology programme is to learn technical skills and knowledge of polymer technologists working in the polymer and related industries. The modules have been carefully selected to equip students with the scientific knowledge and technical skills that are in line with current advancements in the field of polymers. Skills-based learning system can realize TATIUC intention to produce high-quality graduates in the chemical industry, petrochemicals, and polymers.

The Diploma is designed to produce the graduates with the ability to work in product design, polymer processing, polymer testing and quality control fields. They will be equipped with the knowledge in mathematics, science and engineering technology fundamentals. At the end of this programme, the student will be able to solve a technical problem, use necessary skills and techniques in process plants and behave according to professional ethics at the workplace.



To produce knowledgeable and technically competent graduates which practice Polymer Engineering Technology discipline in line with the company requirements.


To produce graduates who are effective in communication and effective role as an individual, team member or supervisor.


To produce graduates who are capable to troubleshoot chemical engineering technology problems innovatively, creatively and ethically through a sustainable approach.


To produce graduates who are responsive in life-long learning, career development and entrepreneurial skills in the real world.



  • Apply knowledge of sciences, and mathematics fundamentals to Polymer Engineering Technology field. (COGNITIVE)
  • Conduct experiments and investigation in Polymer Engineering Technology field. (PSYCHOMOTOR)
  • Identify and solve technical problems effectively in Polymer Engineering Technology. (COGNITIVE)
  • Communicate effectively both in written and spoken with other employees, professionals, and community. (AFFECTIVE)
  • Function effectively as an individual or as a team in an organisation. (AFFECTIVE)
  • Behave accordingly to professional ethics. (AFFECTIVE)
  • Recognise the need for and to engage in, life-long learning and professional development. (AFFECTIVE)
  • Identify opportunities in entrepreneurship. (AFFECTIVE)
  • Demonstrate effective leadership responsibility. (AFFECTIVE)
  • Practice necessary skills and techniques in polymer processing and testing. (PSYCHOMOTOR)
Last updated Feb 2018

About the School

TATIUC was formely known as Terengganu Advanced Technica Institute (TATI) and was inaugurated in November 1993.

TATIUC was formely known as Terengganu Advanced Technica Institute (TATI) and was inaugurated in November 1993. Read Less