4 Top Distance learning Bachelor of Science Programs in Germany

A Bachelor of Science or BSc is an undergraduate study program that usually lasts between three and five years.  While enrolled in school, students have the opportunity to take general and specialized classes to obtain credit for graduation.

To become a master, students must complete a required number of courses at the graduate level. This degree typically takes about two years to complete as a full-time student. Choose among a wide range of topics, including engineering, art, and business.

Even though my attend distant learning classes online, several universities hold commencement at several locations. You could even stop taking classes for many weeks during the year without withdrawing and without throwing your student loans into repayment. That is a strong argument many people look at when enrolling in distance learning classes.

Distance learning Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Germany

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Bachelor Applied psychology (bsc)

Apollon Hochschule
Online Part time 36 - 48 months Open Enrolment Germany Germany Online

The newly designed distance learning course for Bachelor of Applied Psychology (B. Sc.) Offers a particularly practical and interdisciplinary psychological training. You get not only the content and methodological expertise in the field of psychology, but also in-depth expertise in the areas of health and economy ...

Bachelor business computer science

IUBH Fernstudium
Online Full time Part time 6 - 12 semesters Open Enrolment Germany Bad Honnef + 1 more

The Bachelor in Economics computer science (B.Sc.) in distance learning IUBH with its combination of business administration and applied computer science makes you out to experts in high-demand IT sector.

Bachelor Media Informatics

IUBH Fernstudium
Online Full time Part time 36 - 72 months Open Enrolment Germany Bad Honnef + 1 more

How can the interaction between people and machines be designed and implemented? And with which systems can we create, process, store and distribute digital media? These are the questions you deal with in Media Informatics Distance Learning. The goal of the bachelor's degree program is to train you in the fields of computer science, which are relevant for the conception and implementation of interactive applications, apps and digital media offerings.

Bachelor of science economic computer science

Diploma University of Applied Sciences
Campus Online Full time Part time 7 semesters Open Enrolment Germany Bad Sooden-Allendorf Berlin Friedrichshafen Kassel Kitzscher Munich Germany Online + 8 more

The Bachelor in Business computer science can be completed as a part-time distance learning with classroom lectures at the Berlin, Friedrichshafen, Kassel, Leipzig and Munich. In this study, the form will be held the lectures at about 12 Saturdays per semester.