Bachelor of Business Administration with Tourism and Event


Programme Description


The full-time degree program in Business is an accredited, nationally recognized courses offered by the NBS Northern Business School School of Management and Security.

This program is offered at the NBS in two time models, in full-time during the day for high school graduates and technical school graduates and Friday evenings and Saturdays for professionals and trainees.

The particular advantageYou can change the time model while studying. So you are welcome to attend the courses in occupational time model and so pursue your studies quickly as during an extended internship.

The vocational options

Graduate economics and business courses have a comprehensive insight into the company and accompany planning, management and control, they lead employees and make decisions on personnel matters. Professional and social skills, organizational skills and an ability to work independently are essential. You must know the interdependencies between the various departments and be able, if applicable classify the resulting respective issues and preparing the necessary strategic decisions.

Tourism is a classic growth industry: Since the launch of musicals mid-80s, the number of overnight stays in Hamburg have increased by around 170%. In 2009, yet 4.4 million guests spent 8,190,000 nights in the Hanseatic city. 2010, number of visitors increased by information from Hamburg tourism to a further 9.2%, the growth will be generated predominantly from abroad (+ 11.9%). This underlines the international nature of this industry. In 2012 Hamburg broke the mark of 10 million overnight stays for the first time. No other European city is developing as dynamically as the Hanseatic city. In accordance with the increasing demand and the offer volume increased steadily, which in turn as an attractive location for tourism and investment in favor of the importance of Hamburg: This year are noisy "Northern economy" 12 new hotel projects with a total of 2,800 beds before its completion.

And these trends are found not only in us: UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organization) says an increase in international tourist trips from 922 million in 2008 to 1.6 billion in the next 10 years ahead.

Tourism has naturally a close connection to other areas such as event management, exhibition and event management, sport and wellness, hotel and catering industry or transport.

The event industry is also booming, For many companies, events are a natural part of the marketing concept. Other devices use events to employee or customer loyalty. Events must attract attention, be well organized, run perfect for outsiders and long remain a pleasant memory.

In the big tour companies there for academics various work areas, for example in marketing, HR management, or in the legal department. Flexibility and inventiveness among the necessary properties in the industry. Excellent knowledge of several languages ​​and made first experiences abroad are in demand. Especially important companies in the industry is a strong service mentality.

In cooperation with the Tourist Hamburg:


The employability of graduates stands at the NBS always in focus. This is supported for example by the integrated free seminar program. Do you think of an academic career after? Take advantage of our scientific publication series for their first release!

Course contents

The program prepares students for practice to the demands of corporate management activities before and makes you sound in the methodology of scientific work. They are qualified to be successful in international companies or organizations and in culturally different embossed occupational and labour fields by international issues be integrated wherever appropriate courses.

The study can be conceptually divided into two phases: In the first three semesters there are only basic modules. Focus is to provide the necessary for the further Studienweg basic knowledge in the areas of methodology, business, economics, mathematics and law. Even in later semesters you build parallel to your course of study specializations your business know-how even further.

The rapid crosslinking of the course content is mainly promoted that not every module is tested in the form of a written exam: At least one module per semester is completed by a household and / or presentation. This should especially promote your methodological competence in the field of scientific work and put you in the position to provide the necessary information, even with complex issues and to evaluate them critically.

Course schedule

1st semester

  • Basics of Business Administration
  • Marketing Basics
  • external accounting
  • Business law
  • Mathematics I
  • Scientific work

2nd semester

  • Fundamentals management
  • Basics Personal
  • financing
  • Management Accounting
  • Economics I
  • Mathematics II

3rd semester

  • Basics Logistics
  • Basics taxes
  • Basics Controlling
  • Economics II
  • economic computer science
  • statistics

4th semester

  • investment
  • Basics SAP
  • Rhetoric & presentation technology
  • economy and politics
  • Foreign language Spanish or French
  • Organisation of event services

5th semester

  • project management
  • balance Sheet analysis
  • Economics III
  • Operations Research
  • Organization of tourism services
  • public relations

6th semester

  • Praxissemester

7th semester

  • Business Simulation
  • Travel management
  • Case Study Event Management
  • Bachelor thesis
  • colloquium


1 March and 1 September each year


Bachelor of Arts (BA)


  • General university or technical college
  • OR, holders of a university degree, which was acquired at a German university for a study with a standard study period of at least six semesters and those who passed at a German Fachhochschule with the preliminary far above average
  • OR those successful at a certified career advancement as Master / -in; Engineer; / Participated -in Betriebswirt / -in or Fachwirt
  • OR, holders of certificates after the ship's officer training Regulation
  • OR, holders of diplomas from vocational schools in accordance with the ordinances pursuant to Section 24, Paragraph 2 of the Hamburg Schools Act
  • OR Persons who have completed vocational training and demonstrate an after at least three years work and demonstrate the ability to study for this degree in a receiving inspection

Normal period

7 semesters (42 months); Shortening in previous studies, vocational training or nationally recognized career advancement possible.

Lecture periods and Break

The winter semester extends from 01.09. until 31.01., the summer semester runs from 01:03. until 31.07. In February and August and from Christmas Eve to New Year neither lectures nor checks.

Lecture times and places

Lectures are held on weekdays during the day in the NBS study centre Quarree and the NBS study centre Holstenhofweg.

tuition fee

The tuition fees are payable in 42 installments of 455 euros a month. In addition, a one-time examination fee of 300 euros is for the implementation of the Bachelor thesis collected (total price: 19.410 Euro). A semester ticket is included in the tuition fees already.

Last updated Mar 2020

About the School

Die NBS Northern Business School Hochschule für Management und Sicherheit ist eine staatlich anerkannte Hochschule in privater Trägerschaft mit Sitz in Hamburg.

Die NBS Northern Business School Hochschule für Management und Sicherheit ist eine staatlich anerkannte Hochschule in privater Trägerschaft mit Sitz in Hamburg. Read Less