Bachelor Programs in Algorithms 2020

Bachelor degrees from accredited colleges and universities can be important stepping-stones toward a successful career.The most common type of undergraduate program is a bachelor's degree, usually awarded after four years of successful study

The study of algorithms goes back centuries, but in its modern sense, an algorithm is a problem-solving tool that uses defined rules to achieve a solution. Primarily used by computer scientists, it often helps students get comfortable with building a logical framework for creating practical solutions.

Bachelor's Degree in Algorithms

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Bachelor of Computer Science

Carleton University Undergraduate
Campus Full time 4 - 5 years September 2020 Canada Ottawa

Computer Science is an ever-changing discipline that studies the theory, design and implementation of computer applications and systems. You will learn to use computing and information technology to help solve the problems that we face in business, science and society today and those that we will face tomorrow. The Honors Computer Science program can be taken as is, or you can add a stream or our Internship option. In all cases, you will take our common core of computer science courses, including courses in programming, algorithms, software engineering, databases and web applications.