Bachelor's Programs in Applied Computer Science in Malaysia

A bachelor's degree is awarded at the successful completion of an undergraduate academic program. It is often the first degree a student received in his or her academic career. It typically takes four years of full-time study to earn a bachelor’s degree.

Applied computer science involves applying the vast knowledge about computing to real-world situations and uses. Software engineering is just one possible job in this broad area that may appeal to people who enjoy detail-oriented work, technology and problem solving.


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Bachelor's Degree in Applied Computer Science in Malaysia

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Bachelor of Computer Science (Software Engineering)

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Campus Full time 4 years February 2020 Malaysia Skudai

Software Engineering uses an engineering approach in the development, operation, and maintenance of large-scale software. A software engineer needs to be able to employ systematic technical and management methods in the creation of high-quality software. The Bachelor of Computer Science specializing in Software Engineering is designed to support the nation’s need for professional and capable software engineers to undertake the task of increasing the effectiveness and performance of both the public and private sectors. To further support this goal, the course is closely associated with the Malaysian Software Testing Board (MSTB) certifications and Hewlett-Packard (HP) Software Testing Program.