30 Top Part time Bachelor's Programs in Brazil

Students who pursue a Master of Science or Master of Arts degree may enjoy enhanced career prospects and better earning potential. Master’s degrees require more advanced study than undergraduate degrees and may be required before entering a doctorate program.

Part time Bachelor's Degree in Brazil

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Advertising and marketing

Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Campinas (PUC-CAMPINAS)
Campus Part time 8 - 8 semesters March 2020 Brazil Campinas

The course of Advertising and Propaganda with emphasis on Marketing, has the first objective, the professional qualification of egress to work in the occupational segment of regional advertising. In this new curricular conception, it adopts an emphasis on Marketing, since this perspective, in addition to being more adequate to the current demands of the labor market, aims at more efficient absorption of egress by the business / industrial sector. The training oriented to the Marketing opens numerous possibilities of professional performance, not limiting, as prescribes the current curriculum, to the advertising agencies or vehicles of communication.

Economic Sciences

Universidade Metodista de São Paulo (UMESP)
Campus Part time 8 - 8 semesters March 2020 Brazil São Paulo

The Methodist Economics course received concept 4 (scale from 1 to 5) in the last evaluation of the MEC and seeks to train professionals committed to the study of Brazilian reality and aware of the importance of the interrelationships that link economic phenomena to the social and , In particular, of its role as agent of these relations. In this way, the students receive a solid theoretical, historical and instrumental formation. According to the philosophy of the institution, the training seeks to unite the technique to the ethics and to prepare the students to work in the diverse areas of the public or private sector. The course, with evening classes, can be completed in four years.


Centro Universitário do Rio Grande do Norte (UNI-RN)
Campus Part time 7 semesters March 2020 Brazil Natal

The degree in business administration, through its general education, will be able to act in the following fields: Finance, Logistics, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Strategy, Production and materials, not forgetting that their expertise in those fields will be given to the continuity of studies through strict graduate or broad sense.


Universidade Vale do Rio Doce (UNIVALE)
Campus Part time 8 semesters March 2020 Brazil Governador Valadares

The new course of Directors of Univale innovation in all aspects regarding the formation of this professional of utmost importance to the economic and financial support of our country.

International relations

Universidade Cândido Mendes
Campus Part time 8 - 8 semesters March 2020 Brazil Rio de Janeiro

The Department of Political Science and International Relations maintains the degree course in International Relations, with an emphasis on International Negotiations, which aims to train professionals able to act with ease in the international area of ​​companies, public agencies and non-governmental organizations, among other possibilities. The faculty consists of masters and doctors with deep knowledge and significant experience in the analysis and research on international subjects.

Accounting Sciences

Universidade do Vale do Sapucaí (UNIVÁS)
Campus Part time 8 semesters March 2020 Brazil Pouso Alegre

The course in Accounting Sciences UNIVAS form the Bachelor of Accounting since 2002, highly qualified and requested by the market.

Environmental engineering

Universidade Vale do Rio Verde (UNINCOR)
Campus Part time 10 - 20 semesters March 2020 Brazil Belo Horizonte

The Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Engineering must provide conditions for the bachelor's degree in Environmental Engineering to be able to understand the scientific, technical, social and economic issues of production and its management as a whole aiming at sustainable development.

In civil engineering graduate

Faculdade de Engenharia de Minas Gerais (FEAMIG)
Campus Part time 6 months March 2020 Brazil Belo Horizonte

The Civil Engineering Course of FEAMIG aims at training the Civil Engineer by working with knowledge.


Centro Universitário Salesiano de São Paulo (UNISAL)
Campus Part time 8 semesters March 2020 Brazil São Paulo

The UNISAL Administration course has as central axis entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial skills.

Civil Engineering

Fundação Técnico-Educacional Souza Marques (FTESM)
Campus Part time 5 - 5 years March 2020 Brazil Rio de Janeiro

The course aims to train engineers with a professional profile oriented to meet the challenges that society transfers to the profession; Offer opportunities to those who are inserted in the labor market, performing activities of technical level and that aim to progress towards functions of greater scope, inherent in the professional assignments of the engineer; To make this way feasible for the youngest, not necessarily employed at the time they start the course, but who seek at work the means to achieve professional training in engineering.

International relations

Universidade de Ribeirão Preto 
Campus Part time 4 - 4 years March 2020 Brazil São Paulo Ribeirao Preto + 1 more

Unaerp's International Relations course is structured to train professionals capable of analyzing in an integrated way the political, economic, commercial, cultural, humanitarian and environmental issues that are increasingly interdependent in relations between countries, companies, international organizations, NGOs and individuals. The geopolitical events and the intensification of the world commercial transactions opened several areas of work for the professionals of International Relations. The multidisciplinary practice promotes critical ability and teamwork, with an ethical, competent and effective attitude, so that they can work in an increasingly demanding, global and competitive market.


Campus Part time 4580 hours March 2020 Brazil Rio de Janeiro

Graduation in Ibmec Law deals with the law in full encourage students to work interconnection among its various branches and also its connection to other areas such as Economics and International Relations. The student absorbs the expertise necessary for a legal professional at the same time it is prepared to discuss in depth all reality that surrounds it.

Electrical engineering

Universidade Santa Cecília (UNISANTA)
Campus Part time 5 years March 2020 Brazil Santos Dumont

To adapt to market needs, aiming at a targeted training, the course has agreements and exchanges with corporate borrowers technologies, electric utilities, research institutes and other universities in Brazil and abroad.

Electrical engineering

Universidade Santa Úrsula (USU)
Campus Part time 10 semesters March 2020 Brazil Rio de Janeiro

The undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from Universidade Santa Ursula aims at training generalist engineers with knowledge in Power Systems.

Degree in administration

Faculdades Integradas Campos Salles (FICS)
Campus Part time 8 semesters March 2020 Brazil São Paulo

The course of Directors of the International College "Campos Salles' tools and innovative teaching practices, linking theory and practice.