Best Undergraduate Studies in Education in Europe 2019

A bachelor's degree is an undergraduate degree that is offered by universities and colleges when students complete a program of study. Most bachelor courses last three or four years with some lasting up to seven years.

A Bachelor of Education prepares students to teach in a variety of school settings. Often graduates earn their professional teaching certificate from the Ministry of Education in their relevant countries which qualifies them to teach in any school setting; public schools, independent schools.

There are more than four thousand higher education organizations in Europe, from leading research institutions to small, teaching-focused universities. Europe itself is not as much different than other continents, reaching from the Arctic Circle to the coast of Africa.

Bachelor's Degree in Education in Europe

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Bachelor in Education

University College South Denmark
Campus Full time 8 semesters September 2019 Denmark Haderslev

You will be authorized as a teacher for primary and lower secondary levels in three subjects. You will receive high quality theoretical instruction, and...

Bachelor's Degree Programme in Early Childhood Education

Tampere University
Campus Full time 3 years August 2019 Finland Tampere

Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Early Childhood Education offers you the qualifications to work as a kindergarten and pre-school teacher. The programme includes basic and intermediate studies in education and also offers students the opportunity to enrol in other courses available at the Tampere higher education community. Students may also make an exchange period abroad a part of the studies.

Bachelor in Kindergarten Education

Eötvös Loránd University
Campus Full time 3 years September 2019 Hungary District V.

Kindergarten Educator Training offers the training of future professionals who possess the theoretically based knowledge, skills, and competencies of pedagogy in order to complete the tasks of pre-school education. The aim is to train experts who are capable of and dedicated to educating 3-6-year-old children, after acquiring profound theoretical knowledge, competencies, and skills.

Bachelor in International Teacher Education for Secondary Schools (ITESS)

NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences
Campus Full time 4 years September 2019 Netherlands Groningen

Would you like to study in an international environment? Would you be happy to work with young people in schools across the world? If so, teaching at international secondary schools may suit you. International Teacher Education for Secondary Schools (ITESS) prepares you for a meaningful job and for an adventurous career in the rapidly growing world of international schools.

Bachelor of Music in Education

Zuyd University of Applied Sciences
Campus Full time 2 years September 2019 Netherlands Maastricht

Do you have strong educational and teaching skills and/or are you working as a music teacher? Have you completed an instrumental or vocal music degree program (Bachelor of Music)? If so, the two-year Music in Education program is the next step.

Degree in Teaching for International Primary Education

Campus Full time 4 years August 2019 Netherlands Eindhoven

If you enjoy working and teaching children, enrolling in the Degree Program in Teaching for International Primary Education in the Netherlands may be the smartest career choice you make in your life.

+ childhood education primary education

Universidad CEU - Cardenal Herrera
Campus Full time Part time 5 years September 2019 Spain Valencia + 1 more

General skills: Knowing the essential foundations of the human person and support the dignity of the person; Know and assimilate the anthropological foundations that sustain the great principles of educational work, especially those based in the Christian message; Analysis and synthesis of social realities and schools of thought that affect the historical development of mankind, which are based on the Christian message ...

Degree in Teacher in Primary Education

Universidad de Salamanca
Campus Full time 4 years September 2019 Spain Salamanca

The Degree in Teacher in Infant Education begins to be taught at the USAL in the 2010-11 USAL year, once the verification process has been passed, and it replaces the Infant Education Teacher Diploma. In 2016, this Degree renewed its accreditation.

Bachelor in Mathematics Education

TED University
Campus September 2019 Turkey Ankara

Elementary Mathematics Education Program is a bachelor's degree within the Department of Mathematics and Science Education, Faculty of Education. It is a program that educates elementary mathematics teachers for grade 5-8. classes.

European Bachelor in Physical Activity and Lifestyle

Lithuanian Sports University
Campus Full time 7 - 10 semesters September 2019 Lithuania Kaunas

The aim of the program is to develop students into experts who are able to provide counseling in Physical Activity and Lifestyle. The students will possess competencies to deliver professional products aimed at improving the clients...

Bachelor in English Language Teaching

Hasan Kalyoncu University
Campus Full time 4 years September 2019 Turkey Gaziantep

The English Language Education Program (ELE) aims to train and educate well-qualified English language teachers with critical and creative thinking skills who could contribute to English language education practices at the local and international level.

Graduate in Education - Pedagogy

University of Bucharest
Campus Full time 3 years September 2019 Romania Bucharest

The fundamental mission of the study program in Educational Sciences - Pedagogy aims at the qualification of specialists in the field of education and training in order to contribute to the increase of the quality of human resources and to the development of the educational system in Romania.

Bachelor LCM in Music Teaching

Jul academy
Campus Full time 2 years October 2019 Italy Rende

This two-year bachelor of Vocal, Guitar, Keyboard, Drums and Bass provides students with the opportunity to become highly skilled artist-teachers who are prepared to teach music in settings.

Bachelor in Leisure and Entertainment Education

Mykolas Romeris University
Campus Full time 3 years September 2019 Lithuania Vilnius

Leisure and Entertainment Education programme distinguishes itself from study programmes of this field in Lithuania because it focuses on innovative and different features and instances.

Bachelor in English Language Teaching

Bahcesehir University
Campus Full time 8 semesters September 2019 Turkey Istanbul

The Department of English Language Teaching aims to raise teachers who have acquired an advanced level of English proficiency as well as a high level of understanding of the knowledge and skills required for the language education field.