Best Undergraduate Studies in Marketing Studies in Europe 2019/2020

A bachelor's degree is awarded at the successful completion of an undergraduate academic program. It is often the first degree a student received in his or her academic career. It typically takes four years of full-time study to earn a bachelor’s degree.

Marketing and communication training is essential to create an advertising campaign that will publicize products and services in the marketplace. Students in these courses learn how to create advertisements for television, radio, digital media, and print campaigns.

There are more than four thousand higher education organizations in Europe, from leading research institutions to small, teaching-focused universities. Europe itself is not as much different than other continents, reaching from the Arctic Circle to the coast of Africa.

Bachelor's Degree in Marketing Studies in Europe

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Bachelor of Public Relations

Haute Ecole Libre De Bruxelles Ilya Prigogine À Bruxelles
Campus Full time 6 semesters September 2020 Belgium Brussels

Interface between the management and the internal and external public, the public relations manager is responsible for managing the image of his organization by establishing and designing

Bachelor in Marketing & Business

Burgundy School of Business
Campus Full time 3 years September 2020 France Dijon Lyon + 1 more

The program leads to a Bachelor’s degree fully recognized by the French Ministry of Education. This internationally oriented program allows students to acquire knowledge and understanding of different areas of marketing and business, and to develop their professional skills.

Degree in Marketing

London School of Design and Marketing (PT)
Online Full time 30 months Request Info United Kingdom London

In a globalized world with enormous competitiveness, companies need to differentiate themselves and acquire specialized human resources. This increases the demand for highly skilled professionals with advanced marketing skills, strong problem-solving skills, and original and creative thinking.

Bachelor in Commerce and Marketing

Budapest Metropolitan University
Campus Full time 7 semesters Request Info Hungary Budapest

Marketing is essential in every aspect of life – we are surrounded by brands which influence our decisions, and in certain situations, we can only succeed if we learn how to sell our personal brand. Commerce and Marketing provides fundamental business and economic knowledge that offers an unrivalled range of potential directions of career and further training. Students can develop their skills during practical trainings in groups with the guidance of recognized industry experts through tasks provided by leading companies. The areas of marketing, PR, advertising and communication are all open highways for our graduates

Bachelor in Marketing Management

Fontys University of Applied Sciences
Campus Full time 48 months February 2020 Netherlands Venlo

Marketing Management is a broad 4-year bachelor programme. It prepares you to react to the needs of customers in an international environment by offering subjects such as market research, marketing law, consumer behaviour and e-marketing.

Bachelor in Advertising

Willem de Kooning Academy
Campus Full time Request Info Netherlands Rotterdam

Willem de Kooning Academy is the only art academy in The Netherlands that has a major in Advertising. WdKA will teach you to be an all-rounder with a strong conceptual twist. You will be the spider in the web, the link between clients and ‘creatives’. You have your own vision, are passionate and driven.

Bachelor of Digital Marketing

Harbour Space
Campus Full time 3 years Open Enrolment Spain Barcelona

Digital marketing strategies lie at the heart of every successful business in our Information Age. This Harbour.Space programme gives students the comprehensive knowledge of analytics, strategy, business, finance and creative collaboration to make businesses of tomorrow succeed.

European Bachelor in Business Administration (Concentration in Marketing)

University of New York in Prague (UNYP)
Campus Full time 3 years September 2020 Czech Republic Prague

This three-year study program leads to the award of a European bachelor’s degree (bakalář, Bc.) awarded by UNYP and accredited by the American International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE), and the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. This concentration in marketing prepares students for their professional careers by offering several specialized courses in the last two semesters (the last year) of their study at UNYP. The courses are taught by skilled and experienced lecturers with proven expertise and credentials in corporate marketing and sales.

Bachelor in Branding and Marketing Management

VIA University College
Campus Full time 7 semesters Request Info Denmark Herning

The bachelor programme in Branding and Marketing Management within Fashion and Furniture is a 3½-year full-time programme taught in English structured as an AP degree and a BA top-up. You will learn about the changing nature of the market, and how to give a brand a commercial dimension and ensure that the target group cannot avoid hearing about it.

Advertising and public relations

Universidad CEU - Cardenal Herrera
Campus Full time 4 years Request Info Spain Valencia

General skills: leadership and decision-making; capacity for creativity and problem solving; organizational skills and planning; Capacity for analysis and synthesis...

Bachelor in Business Management and Marketing

Vilnius Business College
Campus Full time 3 years Request Info Lithuania Vilnius

To develop highly skilled professionals open to innovation, creativity and strategic thinking - those, who are able to create their own businesses, manage to adapt to changing market conditions, as well as working in a team, who know the importance of communication and are able to use the latest information and communication technologies.

Bachelor in International Sales & Marketing

University College of Northern Denmark
Campus Full time 3 semesters September 2020 Denmark Aalborg

Are you passionate about the international trade on a superior level?

Do you also want to gain knowledge and competencies that will enable you to professionally and independently handle job functions related to international business efforts in the markets?

Bachelor in Global Sales and Marketing

University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria
Campus Full time 6 semesters October 2019 Austria Steyr

Are you interested in the cross-cultural challenges created by the globalization of the world economy? Are you interested in working in the export sector or would you even like to go abroad and live an international life at least for a few years?

Bachelor in International Marketing

Schellhammer Business School
Campus Full time 3 years Request Info Spain Marbella

The Bachelor of Business in International Marketing at Schellhammer Business School is a unique program that focuses on the study of Marketing from an international perspective. The multidisciplinary syllabus that includes Marketing, Digital Media, Advertising, Marketing Research, and Planning gives students a broad educational perspective with the opportunity to pursue future careers in Media & Advertising where skills honed on this program such as critical, analytical and creative thinking, intellectual agility and innovation are highly valued.

Bachelor in Communication and Digital Marketing

Mykolas Romeris University
Campus Full time 3 years Request Info Lithuania Vilnius

The purpose of this study programme is to develop communication and digital marketing competencies and prepare for a successful career. It requires theoretical background, knowledge of the organization's environments and context, the specific knowledge of various platforms and practical knowledge through the use of tools and techniques for content marketing.