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Top Bachelor Degrees in Marketing Studies in Hong Kong Hong Kong

Earning a bachelor's degree is achieved by completing the necessary course of study offered by the college or university you enroll in. Completing this study may take three to seven years depending on where you seek your degree.

Business professionals with education in marketing and communication can open up new opportunities for their careers. They can use their skills to advise regarding consumer studies and brand image or manage a marketing group within their company.

Hong Kong is one of the two Special Administrative Regions of the People's Republic of China, the other being Macau.

Hong Kong is one of the most populous cities in the world with a population of more than 7 million. Renowned for its legendary skyline that defines the city, it has an expansive natural harbor and is ranked as the world’s most vertical city. It has several credible institutions.

Top Bachelor's Degree in Marketing Studies in Hong Kong in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong Baptist University School of Communication

Students of Public Relations Concentration will acquire both the critical understanding and relevant skills to develop successful careers in corporate communication, publ ... [+]

Bachelors in Marketing Studies in Hong Kong Hong Kong. About

The Public Relations and Advertising Major provides opportunities for students to practice the art of effective integrated communication in both public relations and advertising contexts in different kinds of organizations. Students learn the theories and practices of informing consumers about practices, services or products, persuading stakeholders to reach mutual understanding and achieving a two-way dialogue to enhance brand engagement.


The Public Relations and Advertising Major offers three Concentrations: Advertising and Branding, Organizational Communication, and Public Relations.... [-]

Hong Kong
September 2020
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4 years
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