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Spain Marbella Pace: Part time

Top Part time Bachelor's Programs in Marbella and Spain 2019

A Bachelor's degree can lead educational doors, provide opportunity for career advancement, or lay the groundwork for the pursuit of an advanced degree. Our goal is to help prospective students navigate the program selection process successfully. We do things easy by streamlining the search.

Students who pursue a Master of Science or Master of Arts degree may enjoy enhanced career prospects and better earning potential. Master’s degrees require more advanced study than undergraduate degrees and may be required before entering a doctorate program.

Located on the shores of the Mediterranean Seas is Marbella city. It is a municipality in the Province of Malaga. The city is a popular tourist destination. It has several sights and museums. Marbella has over 100,000 residents.

Part time Bachelor Degree in Marbella in Spain

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Schellhammer Business School

The BBA takes place in year 3, with the focus for the final thesis also entailing the chosen specialization. ... [+]

Part time Bachelor Degrees in Marbella Spain.

Bachelor of Business Administration with majors in:

Communication & PR Management Entrepreneurship Leisure & Tourism Hospitality & Hotel Management Psychology Business Coaching Life Coaching Leadership Asian Business (with Mandarin & Japanese) Global Economics Global Politics Online Business International Relations International Marketing Fashion Industry Luxury Industry Sustainability (Green BBA) Journalism & Media Custom BBA (tailor-made programs)

Specializations take place in year 3, with the focus for the final thesis also entailing the chosen specialization. Tailor-made programs allow students to create their own ‘custom BBA’ with a specialization in their chosen field – programs are subject to availability and approval by the Schellhammer Education Advisory Board; Contact us to discuss your requirements.... [-]

Spain Marbella
September 2019
Part time
3 years
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