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Filled with amazing Flemish Renaissance architecture, the Western European country of Belgium has a flair that’s all its own. With the bilingual capital of Brussels at its centre, Belgium is divided into two separate regions: the southern Wallonia where they speak French, and Flanders at the north with Dutch as its primary language. In 1994, it was made a federal state which allowed each of its cultures to be equally represented. Its beautiful countryside adds to its historic charm and with exports like gemstones from Antwerp, the diamond capital of the world, and fresh sugar beets from its farming community, Belgium should be a must-visit on everyone’s bucket list. What Type of Schools Offer Undergraduate Degrees in Belgium? Students pursuing higher education in Belgium are able to choose from various universities and colleges. With the institutions being organized primarily by Belgium’s two primary language communities, the French and the Flemish have completely separate schools. There are many institutions that are offered only in the French community, such as institutes of architecture and art colleges. No matter what school is chosen, Belgium offers its students a quality education in the midst of a bustling country full of history. How Long is the Academic Year in Belgium? Higher education in Belgium typically begins in the second or third week in September, depending on if you are attending a university or college. With no fall break, the semester continues until winter vacation in December during which exams and a break from coursework are taken until January. Classes then resume at the beginning of February and continue on until June with a short vacation from school around Easter. Tuition Fees The cost of obtaining an undergraduate degree from Belgium is separated into three different pricing categories for Belgian students. They offer their local students decreased tuition if they qualify for financial aid and base this on their household income. Tuitions for international students generally run between €1,900 and €3,800 per academic year with schools in the Dutch community usually coming up cheaper than the French institutions. How Long Does it Take to Earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Belgium? Attaining higher education in Belgium is similar to those in other countries and follows the system which assigns both bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Earning a bachelor’s degree typically takes about three years with the subsequent master’s taking anywhere from one to two years, depending on what area is being studied. Why Earn an Undergraduate Degree in Belgium? With Belgium’s historic European appeal and ornate, yet modern, cities, it is an amazing place to call home for a few years while looking to obtain an undergraduate degree. Their high levels of education and distinct cultures are sure to give international students the life and experience that they’ve been hoping for in a study abroad adventure.

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