Major: Physical Electronics

Specialties: Medical electronics

Duration of training: 4 years full-time education

The specialist is: to work in science - research and development institutions, aboutyshlennyh enterprises in primary positions provided for the replacement of specialists with higher education standard range of positions.

Practice Areas:

  • physical processes and phenomena that govern the technology and manufacturing equipment and devices in all areas of modern electronics, microelectronics and nanoelectronics;
  • study of the physicalPrinciple of electronic devices and systems with a view to improving them, as well as the creation of new generations of devices on a fundamentally new physical basis;
  • experimental study of the properties of matter and physical phenomena to directional changeseniya physical properties of different media and patterns of various processes, and the creation of materials with new properties, and the foundations of new technologies to address pressing problems of Radio Electronics;
  • development of mathematical models and prorammnyh tools to describe and analyse physical phenomena and processes, upgrading electronic devices, systems and technology, management and operation of the physical processes of devices, automatic design;
  • assessment of the possible use of technology incal sciences and in modern production of new and already known physical laws.

Major: Physics and Technical Creativity

Duration of training: 4 years full-time education

The specialist is: to work in secondary schools, schools with in-depth study of physics, mathematics, computer science;gymnasiums, lyceums, colleges, school educational institutions, in the organs of public education, scientific and research organizations.

Practice Areas:

  • the teaching of physics, mathematics, computer science, engineering work in secondary schools of different types;
  • leadership of circle and research work students in extracurricular educational institutions;
  • and methodical work of inspectors in the organs of public education;
  • Research and scientific-pedagogical work in academia.

Occupation: Automated Data Processing

Specializations: Automated data processing and display

Duration of study:

4 years full-time education

5 years, extramural get arrEducation (Correspondence School)

The specialist is: to work in organizations, departments and services involved in the creation and operation of systems and automated information processing in a variety of sectors (industry, transport, construction,financial and commercial activity, trade, science, education, healthcare, catering, domestic service)

Practice Areas:

  • providing system-analytical and management of enterprises, the organismations and industries;
  • Design of information and automated control systems;
  • implementation of scientific and experimental work;
  • education and training of specialists in the field of automated data processing systems andgovernment.

Major: Physics (direction - industrial activity)

Specialties: Laser Physics and Spectroscopy Physical Metrology and Automation Computer simulation experiment of the physical processes of new materials and technologies

Qualifications: Physicist.Engineer

Duration of training: 4 years full-time education

Major: Physics (direction - research and teaching activities)

Specialties: Laser Physics and Spectroscopy Physical Metrology and Automation experiment new marials and technologies

Qualifications: Physicist.Professor of physics and computer science

Duration of training: 4 years full-time education

Major: Physics (direction - management operations)


- Laser Physics and Spectroscopy

- Physical metrology and automationzation experiment

- Computer simulation of physical processes

- New materials and technologies

Qualifications: Physicist.Manager

Duration of training: 4 years full-time education

The specialist is: to work in the academic, university and industrial research institutes, design and scientific and industrial organizations, enterprises and associations;management and expert institutions of various ministries and agencies, offices, businesses and other organizations of various forms of ownership, institutions of higher, secondary and tertiary education, Ministry of Education of Belarus and other ministries and the Vedasmstv, analytical, physical, physico-chemical, physical and mathematical laboratories in the industrial, medical and agricultural enterprises as well as organizations and institutions using complex physical equipment, methods of mathematical modelling andPhysically control, brokerage, marketing, managerial firms of different ownership forms

Practice Areas:

  • Experimental investigation of the physical processes at different levels of structural organisation of matter at differentphysical conditions;
  • study, the theoretical analysis of physical effects and phenomena, the prediction of new physical laws on the basis of Contemporary representations for theoretical, mathematical and kompyutepnyh methods;
  • development of devices based on physicalFIR principles and new materials;
  • research work in the fields, using mathematical methods and computer technology;
  • the creation and use of mathematical models of processes and facilities;
  • the development of efficient mathematical methods psolving problems of natural science, engineering, economics and management;
  • software and information support of scientific research, engineering design, operational and management activities;
  • teaching of physical and mathematical sciences (includingincluding computer science).
  • planning and organisation of research and production, research, development, design, project management, marketing and finance;
  • drafting, contracts, budgets, reports and other documents;
  • training of scientific materials, preparation of essays, reviews, reviews.


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