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BA Programmes in Art Studies

A Bachelor of Arts is a degree that is awarded to students upon completion of an educational program typically lasting three to four years, though each program differs depending on the institution and the country in which the degree is pursued. The degree focuses on a subject within the liberal arts, and students are able to broaden their occupational opportunities upon completion of such a degree.

A Bachelor of Arts in the field of Art Studies, also known as Arts, provides a wealth of educational opportunities, as there are many disciplines that fall under the heading of the art studies. But exactly what is a BA in Arts? A BA in Arts allows students to pursue their interests as they relate to a number of different subjects, including architecture, music, painting, poetry, and sculpture.

These programs provide students with a wide variety of skills pertaining to the arts, all of which contribute to a greater and deeper understanding of each medium.

There are a number of benefits for students who complete a Bachelor of Arts in Art Studies, as graduates of these programs are well-rounded and experienced in a wide variety of subject matter relating to the arts, along with practical abilities in how to apply the skills they have learned.

The cost of earning a BA in Arts will vary greatly depending on the institution and the country in which the degree is pursued. Individuals who are interested in such a degree should take a few moments to research the cost of each program that appeals to them.

There are a number of interesting career paths available to students who complete a Bachelor of Arts in Arts, including fields such as conceptual arts, creative writing, dance, filmmaking, illustration, photography, and printmaking.

Our comprehensive database has a number of excellent institutions to choose from. Finding a school that meets your varied educational needs is simple, so take a moment to search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.