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4 BA Programmes in Natural Sciences Geographic Sciences Human Geography 2024



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BA Programmes in Natural Sciences Geographic Sciences Human Geography

A popular undergraduate degree, the Bachelor of Arts typically takes three to four years to complete and features a comprehensive study of the liberal arts. Courses in English, the humanities, social sciences and foreign language are usually part of the required core curriculum.

What is a BA in Human Geography? Geography is defined as the study of the physical characteristics of the Earth and its atmosphere. Human geography is the study of how people and their communities are affected by the environment and, in turn, how they impact and alter the environment. Students majoring in human geography study both social and physical science and are trained to analyze world civilizations and explain their geographic placement.

A BA in Human Geography lends graduates many measurable skills, chief among them the ability to research, analyze and interpret data. Computer modeling and team building are two other skills that are associated with this degree program.

The cost of a BA in Human Geography varies depending on location, school and the delivery of the program, as traditional classroom and online options are both available. Interested individuals should consider their budget and determine which method of learning best fits their needs.

Graduates of a BA in Human Geography degree program find they may qualify for a wide variety of jobs both in the public and private sectors. The job market for human geographers often includes positions in regional and urban planning, consulting, real estate, travel and tourism, demography and market research. In addition, a growing demand exists for candidates with expertise in the fields of geographic information systems (GIS), global positioning systems (GPS) and cartography.

A BA in Human Geography is becoming more popular worldwide as the importance of a civilization’s symbiotic relationship with its environment becomes more widely accepted. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.