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45 Bachelor Programmes in Economic Studies Accountancy 2024



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    Bachelor Programmes in Economic Studies Accountancy

    Also known as, Bachelor of Accounting, Bachelor of Accountancy is a known degree in the field of accounting in most parts of the
    world. The degree is designed for those seeking to proceed with their practices in the field of professional accounting. This is a degree course meant to train professional accountants to prepare them for leadership roles in major accounting firms worldwide. The degree program is structured with the right aspects of making learners the best partners in accounting institutions, chief accountants, managing directors and accounting officers as well as auditors in major public and private organizations. In all sectors of the economy, accounting has established to be the best career. Bachelor of Accountancy is thus an equipping course for such a career line.

    Bachelor of Accountancy is offered in universities globally to offer students with the technical skills as well as the knowledge required
    for analytical accounting and problem solving in businesses. Quality business decision-making depends on effective skills learned. Graduates from Bachelor of Accountancy have an opportunity to ensure all financial decisions made are informed by their skills and expertise in handling accounting issues. The right
    move for those seeking to upgrade their accounting skills can enroll for a Bachelor of Accountancy degree so as to learn the practical and theoretical aspects of accounting. The program equips graduates with both the professional and academic training
    skills as far as accounting is concerned. The course exposes students to taxation, law, assurance and attestation among other skills.