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Bachelor Programmes in Art Studies Arts

A bachelor’s degree is an internationally recognized academic achievement that is typically earned within three or four years. It is often used as a means of obtaining a career in a given field, or as a stepping stone toward a more advanced degree.

Just what is a Bachelor in Arts Studies? This program is intended for students looking to engage in a thorough examination of art history, media theory, cultural criticism, humanities and a broad assortment of other art-related contemporary topics. Additionally, students in a Bachelor in Arts Studies program will be exposed to the art-making practice in its various forms, and will participate in numerous hands-on activities that relate to art in modern society, museum practices and related areas.  Other topics of study often include curatorial studies, critical and creative writing and an overview of common museum practices.

Students who successfully complete a Bachelor in Arts Studies program are prepared for work in a wide variety of art-related areas. Many are often hired faster and able to make more money than those without art studies degrees. Some graduates also go on to pursue advanced art degrees with a focus in a particular area, such as art history or art therapy.

There is substantial variation in the cost of obtaining a Bachelor in Arts Studies. Factors that determine tuition include the length and prestige of the program and the school and geographic region through which it is taken.

Many graduates of arts studies programs often go on to teach or produce art. Others find work as museum curators, art dealers, curatorial specialists, graphic designers, photographers, or in various digital and multimedia positions.

Obtaining a Bachelor in Arts is the first step toward an enriching, fulfilling, and financially rewarding career in the fine arts.  Interested students may explore their options using our comprehensive, worldwide database of related programs. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.