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8 Bachelor Programmes in Healthcare Biomedical Studies Biochemistry 2024



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Bachelor Programmes in Healthcare Biomedical Studies Biochemistry

Biochemistry is known to be the life’s molecular basis.
Through the study of biochemistry, students understand how lifeless and
inanimate chemicals come to combine producing an organism that is living. It is
through biochemistry that a detailed account is provided on how various form of
life function. BSc Biochemistry is a science based degree program meant for the
undergraduates so as to help in discovering the reason behind the ticking of
life at the molecular level. This is a research course that will explore
various aspects of life with a focus on understanding their molecular basis.
The BSc Biochemistry degree program is aimed at providing reliable solutions in
the scientific approach to food security, industrial development, health and
protection to the environment.

The broad perspective of the BSc Biochemistry curriculum
covers molecular biology and biotechnology, nutritional and industrial
biochemistry, and medical biochemistry among other aspects of the course. The
program anchors on pharmacology, genetics and molecular biology fields. Those
seeking to foster a professional career in both local and international
research institutions can now enroll for the BSc Biochemistry degree program.
The course is now available throughout the world in various universities. Upon
graduation, one can venture into pharmaceutical industries, cosmetics,
production, quality assurance and environmental health protection among other
areas where the learned skills and ideas can be applied.