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1023 Bachelor Programmes in Computer Science 2024



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Bachelor Programmes in Computer Science

Computer Science is the field of study that focuses on the application of information and computation to computer systems. There are several subfields of computer science that include computer graphics, language programming, computational problems, and computer programming.

With a Bachelor of Computer Science degree, students will understand the program properties for implementing software, and using this knowledge to create or improve programs. Coursework for a Bachelor of Computer Science may include computer hardware maintenance, artificial intelligence, real time programming, computer graphics, system modeling and simulation, to name a few. A Bachelor of Computer Science prepares students for work in the industry as a researcher, theorist, or inventor. Graduates with a Bachelor of Computer Science may work for universities, in the private sector doing projects such as virtual reality systems and robotics, or development of information technology, programming tools or computer games.

If you are mathematically oriented and are interested in computers, then a Bachelor of Computer Science may be the degree for you. Take the step and choose from the options below!