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51 Bachelor Programmes in Social Sciences Social Work Counselling 2024



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Bachelor Programmes in Social Sciences Social Work Counselling

Counselling refers to the process of helping people work through emotional issues, life circumstances, and personal histories, with the goal of resolving issues so one can lead a happy and fulfilling life. A Bachelor of Counselling degree is designed for people who have a genuine interest in helping others.

A Bachelor of Counselling degree will provide students with a foundation of knowledge through learning about human behavior theories and how these manifest in real life. With a Bachelor of Counselling program, students will learn the skills necessary to successfully counsel someone through difficult circumstances through coursework in such topics as child development, ethics, psychotherapy, and group dynamics. Graduates with a Bachelor of Counselling often go on to work in schools, career counseling, mental health, or on to a Master’s degree for clinical practice.

If this sounds like your career path, then take that next step by scrolling through the options below to find the perfect Bachelor of Counselling program that fits your needs!