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Bachelor Programmes in Design Studies

The Bachelor of Arts degree is one of the most popular higher education choices worldwide. Many students who are pursuing a career in design might find a BA degree to be very useful—but exactly what is a Bachelor in Design Studies?

A bachelor’s in design degree is meant to give students the opportunity to learn about the principles of design in a wide variety of fields. These might include architecture, fine arts, graphic design, fashion design, industrial design, game design, multimedia design, textile design, jewelry design, or product design. Students might study the principles of aesthetics, the basics of art, and the practical aspects that need to be considered in a design project.

Students who graduate with a BA in design studies will find that their odds of earning employment have been enhanced. A bachelor’s in design will also help to prepare them for that future career by giving them the skills and tools necessary to design in all sorts of industries.

Finances are often a major concern for future and current students, which is why it’s important for students to carefully research any school that they are considering. The cost of a design degree can vary greatly from one school, program, or even country to another, and students need to consider their options carefully in order to ensure financial compatibility.

Those with a degree in design have the option of pursuing many different careers. These might include multimedia designer, architect, industrial designer, fashion designer, web developer, graphic designer, illustrator, product designer, photographer, or jewelry designer. They might even be able to become an independent artist or art teacher.

With so many options, it’s no surprise that BAs in design studies are such popular degrees. If you are interested in applying for a bachelors in design program, then you can begin your search today. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.