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85 Bachelor Programmes in Marketing Studies Marketing Digital Marketing 2024



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Bachelor Programmes in Marketing Studies Marketing Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the act of engaging consumers of a certain product through the use of electronic devices. The commonly used
devices include smart phones, computers, digital billboards, tablets, game consoles and cell phones among other electronic devices that would also engage various business partners as well. In many cases, internet marketing has been known to dominate the world of digital marketing. The move incorporates social networks, emails and other internet communication channels to reach out the
consumers and other partners. As modern marketing modes, a BA Digital Marketing is one of the best moves to understand the various marketing strategies applied globally. The need to develop digital marketing professionals has thus become a necessity. This course prepares students for interactive marketing skills through creativity and application of modern digital media to promote sales and profits.

BA Digital Marketing helps to bring together the aspects of digital media and creativity in marketing as well business promotion. The course offers students an opportunity to learn the skills of creating, processing and manipulating the digital content through modern technologies so as to bring about effective communication. BA Digital Marketing is a course founded on making sure the theoretical and practical skills concerning the production of media content. For success in businesses, marketing must be viral and effective throughout the world reaching the targeted consumers. Graduates from the BA Digital Marketing degree can pursue a number of career lines such as digital marketing, web design, and digital graphic design among others.