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Bachelor Programmes in Art Studies Fine Arts

Pursuing a Bachelor in Fine Arts can be a great choice for individuals who enjoy creating art of all kinds. This degree can provide wonderful exposure to many different art forms as well as enhancing artistic skill and creativity.

Prospective students often ask, what is a Bachelor in Fine Arts? It involves the study and practice of numerous artistic disciplines such as painting, drawing, sculpture and multi-media applications. Art history classes are also frequently incorporated into the curriculum.

There are a number of reasons students choose to pursue a degree in fine arts, if nothing else it helps hone visual and sensory skills essential for working in art related fields.

The cost of obtaining a Bachelor in Fine Arts can vary by institution and country. Prospective students should research the schools in which they are interested to confirm any programs under consideration meet their requirements. Contacting admissions offices directly to verify all program costs and fees is strongly recommended.

There are many employment opportunities for individuals with fine arts degrees. One popular choice is to be an art teacher for an elementary, middle or secondary school. Other options include pursing work as a craft artist and working in ceramics, jewelry or textile design. Many students are also interested in working as painters, sculptors, illustrators or printmakers. Some graduates choose to work in multi-media art; they design animation sequences utilizing hand-drawn or computer generated images which are in high demand by media, software and gaming companies. Writing, acting and architecture are also career options.

There are a wide variety of schools that have wonderful fine arts programs. Don’t put off your education any longer. Our extensive database is an ideal place to start researching all the options. If you require more flexibility, online classes can be a great option. To get started with a course, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.