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8 Bachelor Programmes in Marketing Studies Marketing Global Marketing 2024



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Bachelor Programmes in Marketing Studies Marketing Global Marketing

A bachelor’s degree is the second and highest-level undergraduate degree, and it requires roughly twice as many credits to complete as the associate’s degree. This requirement is the reason why most bachelor programs of study take four to five years to complete.

What is a Bachelor in Global Marketing? It is a specialized major program that builds upon basic marketing principles learned in the general business curriculum in ways that provide specific insight into competition in global marketplaces. As such, global marketing programs tend to incorporate many courses found in general business programs alongside several courses with a specific focus on global marketing strategies and practices to provide additional insight.

The benefits of obtaining a bachelor’s degree in global marketing are simple. If a student is specifically interested in careers with companies that operate in multiple countries at an organization-wide level, it provides the integral knowledge the student needs.

Tuition prices vary greatly and depend on both locality and whether the university is publically or privately funded. Generally, tuition for global marketing programs is the same as a university’s basic rate, so consult your prospective schools for more information.

Students who receive a global marketing degree typically go on to work in the field of marketing or a related field like advertising. The degree is specifically designed to make candidates more competitive in roles that emphasize marketing on an international scale. As degree holders at the bachelor’s level, students are typically prepared for entry-level and basic team leadership positions, such as data analyst. Many graduates also go on to work in consulting firms, where their expertise is put to use for a variety of client companies.

Most schools that offer specialized global marketing degrees also make their course offerings available through online learning modules. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.