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21 Bachelor Programmes in Social Sciences Political Science International Politics 2024



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Bachelor Programmes in Social Sciences Political Science International Politics

The bachelor’s degree is awarded to students who have successfully completed a four-year, or 120 semester credit, course of study. This degree is generally the first one that students pursue in their quest for an advanced education. These degrees are available in a wide array of subjects.

What is a Bachelor in International Politics? This course of study takes a look at the relationships between countries, inter-governmental organizations, and foreign cultures. Students typically look at history, law, sociology, ethics, and geography as they apply to international relations. Coursework lays the foundation for the development of theories, international systems, and comparative policies. A comprehensive look into political systems can be expected.

As part of their educational opportunities, students often participate in internships where they are directly involved in the political process. Many schools seek to put their students in local or international settings where they can directly influence the course of politics in action.

The costs associated with this program can be very different between schools. This is especially apparent between schools across international borders. Prospective students should contact individual schools for pertinent tuition and fee schedules.

Graduates from this program may find jobs as administrators in civil service positions, journalists, bankers, risk analysts, or eventually diplomats. Some of the job titles achieved by graduates include Public Affairs Consultant, Social Researcher, and Diplomatic Services Operational Officer. Career choices include project managers for international organizations, political advisors in research centers and think tanks, and analysts in media agencies. Graduates typically enter the careers of their choice with an entry-level position and are then able to pursue more advanced positions. Alternately, bachelor graduates may opt to continue with their academic work.

If you are interested in pursuing a bachelor’s degree in international politics, look for more information in the program listing. Each listing provides a lead form for your convenience. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.