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343 Bachelor Programmes in Japan for 2024



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  • Architecture Studies (10)
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  • Aviation (1)
  • Business Studies (19)
  • Construction (1)
  • Cosmetology Studies (0)
  • Design Studies (14)
  • Economic Studies (21)
  • Education (24)
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Bachelor Programmes in Japan

Universities and other academic institutions in Japan rank highly in Asia and around the world, and Bachelor's degrees from schools in Japan seek to provide an excellent academic foundation for work or further education in the professional field of choice. Fields of study for Bachelor students in Japan cover all of the major academic disciplines and areas, such as Business Administration, Social Sciences, Healthcare, Arts, Design, Engineering, Information Systems, Law, Technology, Humanities, Languages, Architecture, Education, Natural Sciences, Mathematics, Tourism, Planning, Policy Management and more.

Bachelor degree programs generally last three to four years, when studied on a full time basis, and can be expensive; however, loans and scholarships may be available to students, and Bachelor students in Japan often work part time to help finance their studies. With more than 726 national, public or private universities to choose from, Bachelor students in Japan may study in major metropolitan areas like Tokyo, Osaka or Kyoto, or they might choose to attend school in cozier cities like Beppu, Tsukuba, or Kushiro.

A Bachelor's degree from a highly accredited, featured university or college in Japan is the path to your dream career; so why not scroll down and read more about study opportunities, today! You can request information to be sent direct from the school in just one minute.