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67 Bachelor Programmes in Law Studies General Law Studies Law Studies 2024



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Bachelor Programmes in Law Studies General Law Studies Law Studies

A bachelor's degree is a program of study that allows individuals to learn in-depth about a specific area of interest while gaining general knowledge in many other areas of study. This is a post-secondary degree that is usually offered at universities.

A Bachelor in Law Studies is one program that may be right for those interested in legal matters. What is a Bachelor in Law? This type of program provides students with a valuable foundation in law for use in the legal industry, or as a precursor to law school. Students receive instruction in many areas of law, including property, contracts, administrative law, torts, and criminal and civil procedure. Students often choose a specialization of area of study within the program. These may include family law, health law, elder law, or international law.

When students complete a bachelor program in a law studies field, they come away with the desirable quality of being legally minded. Students develop critical thinking and problem solving skills that translate well into other professions. They also learn the value of writing well and using clear and honest logic.

The costs associated with a Bachelor in Law degree vary depending on many factors, including the institution offering the degree program, the area of the world where the institution is located, and the duration of classes. Students should always know and understand their financial responsibility prior to enrollment.

Graduates of these programs are not limited to careers in the legal field. A business must deal with laws no matter where it is located, so companies in every sector of the economy desire workers who are trained in legal matters. However, many graduates do go on to pursue doctorates of law to become attorneys. Additional potential careers include paralegal, law clerk, legal aid worker, judge, small claims referee, and consultant.

Technology makes searching for and applying to school online easier than ever before. To apply online, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.