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19 Bachelor Programmes in Humanities Studies History Modern History 2024



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Bachelor Programmes in Humanities Studies History Modern History

Understanding the modern world and issues relating to our
history is always important for advancement of our human relations. This is
never offered in a better way than through study a BA Modern History degree.
This is a modern course designed for those students who have keen interest in
understanding how the modern world that we live in is made. The course comes
with vast options ranging from modern to earlier history modules. This is the
best course for international students seeking to establish an understanding of modern world issues. BA Modern History covers a variety of
issues including foreign relations and regional integration throughout the
world today. The course explores the issue of enriched teaching methods that
will touch on the diversity of various historical sources in the contemporary

The BA Modern History curriculum is tailored to ensuring all
international students acquire the knowledge on modern world history and the
structure of our international relations. The course offers reliable skills and
the capacity to handle various modern world issues concerning how historical
matters are to be handled. This makes BA Modern History a widely marketable
course that shapes modern history learners to become globally marketable. The
degree program prepares you to become a specialist in handling world matters on
historical issues and research as well. There are many work placements
throughout the coursework in museums and other archival departments worldwide.