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Asahikawa University (Asahikawa Daigaku)

Asahikawa University (Asahikawa Daigaku)

Asahikawa University (Asahikawa Daigaku)


Asahikawa University is a school corporation that originated in Asahikawa Sewing College, which was founded in Asahikawa Village, which had a population of less than 6,000 at that time, in 1898, when the history of Hokkaido development had just begun. Since then, with the founding philosophy of "a school rooted in the community, cultivating the community, and open to the community," we have carved a history of over 100 years in the northern Hokkaido region centered on Asahikawa City.

Based on its founding philosophy, Asahikawa University has set "cultivation of human resources who can become independent" as its basic policy of education and has inherited community-oriented education and research for more than 50 years since its opening.


  • Asahikawa

    Asahikawa, Japan