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Busan Women's University

Busan Women's University

Busan Women's University


Our college is established to raise the value of women. We have been putting true heart into the development of women's education in order to increase the characteristic value of women and reinforce the competitive power of women. Also, we intend to lead the education of women through making good use of positive characteristics of women to flourish in the current female-focused trend.

The educational objective of the college is to produce professionals ready for the various fields of industry. To meet the needs of the industry, the college implements specialized field-focused education and tailored vocational education programs.

Our college is selected as a specialized college by the Ministry of Education due to steady effort to increase the excellence in education. Our college is also selected for the promotion of the women's venture project and the enhanced employment capacity project. Therefore, we have been and we will work hard to establish a solid foundation to grow into a world-class women's college.


  • Busanjin-gu

    Busanjin-gu, South Korea