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Centro Universitário Newton Paiva (NEWTON PAIVA)

Centro Universitário Newton Paiva (NEWTON PAIVA)

Centro Universitário Newton Paiva (NEWTON PAIVA)


The time you get in college will be part of its history: a lot of friends; experiences; new paths and career development to be built.

Newton is honored to participate in this phase of his life and always will be cheering for their personal and professional success.

Visit our units, promote an exchange between the campus, exchange ideas, study, have fun, enjoy as much as possible. Our faculty, staff and structure are here to ensure that this time is the most profitable possible.

Your future: that's what the Newton else thinks. So when you choose to build your story with us, we know that your goal is job satisfaction. To reach the peak of their potential, unite tradition and modernity in the best structure. We offer wide range of traditional undergraduate, technological and distance, and graduate. The academic level is high quality with 80% of the faculty consists of teachers and doctors, modern laboratories, centers and practice centers in different areas of knowledge and scientific research and extension programs. In addition to the recognized quality of teaching and focus on practice, Newton constantly investing in the relationship with the market, establishing important partnerships to provide its students with the best prospects and career opportunities.


  • Belo Horizonte

    R. Mal. Foch, 15 - Grajaú, Belo Horizonte - MG, 30431-189, , Belo Horizonte