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The European School of Economics (ESE) is a private Business School without borders, multicultural and pragmatic, fully accredited in the UK and approved in the Register of Learning Providers.

ESE offers Bachelor’s Degrees, Master's MSc or MBA and Short programmes at its centres in London, Madrid, Rome, Milan, and Florence.

ESE graduates are among the most competitive business professionals on the market, prepared for leadership roles in international marketing, finance, communication and management. With the ability to individually tailor their course of study, ESE students:

  • study abroad with ESE centres worldwide
  • move seamlessly between the campuses on a term-by-term basis
  • study simultaneously for a degree in their home countries
  • transfer up to 240UK credits into the Undergraduate Programs, and up to 90 UK credits to the Graduate Programmes
  • begin study in September, January or April and complete a year’s study even from the winter start date
  • specialise in cutting-edge business sectors, such as fashion, events, music, sport, art, media and human resources among others
  • complete internships on or offline, selecting from more than 1500 leading organisations around the world

A school without borders, the European School of Economics is a new concept in higher education. Combining academic excellence, internationality and pragmatism, the ESE degree and certificate programmes are designed to prepare a new generation of leaders and entrepreneurs.

About the ESE Founder & President

Elio D’Anna is a brilliant speaker who expresses his educational philosophy in a unique way. His words encourage the listener to maintain a proactive attitude and to constantly strive for integrity and unity of being. Listeners from all over the world are enchanted by his innovative philosophy and are encouraged, as responsible individuals, to maintain a healthy body, inspired by the principles of (well-being and) wealth. The words Elio says during his meetings with world authorities, Nobel Prize winners, politicians, economists, professors and students at forums and universities are notes played on a magic flute. Dreamers from all over the world listen to these words and hold them close like a guidebook to a great destination.


ESE offers direct entry to full-time three-year British degree programmes

Students with successful A-levels, an IB of 24, or any from a range of alternative qualifications with a minimum of a 12-year American High School diploma, are eligible to be accepted with no required GPA. In addition, ESE allows a 90-day grace period from course start for the submission of adequate language test scores.

As a private, listed body in the UK, ESE is entitled to manage its enrolments outside of UCAS, giving students the freedom to apply whenever they want, directly and unconditionally.

Visa Requirements

All international students who want to study at the European School of Economics in Italy have to provide proof that they have either the legal right or legal permission from the Italian government to study in Italy.

Do You Need a Visa?

If you are a European citizen, you do not have to apply for either a study visa or a Residence Permit but must provide a valid copy of your passport or national ID.

If you are a non-European citizen, you must have a study visa and apply within 8 days for your residence permit.

During your enrolment process, our Student Service Department will provide important information about your stay in Italy.
They will assist all of our International students to understand what documents have to be collected before applying for a visa according to the official Visa website “Visto Per L’Italia”.
Please note that it is the student’s responsibility to start the Visa process in due time. Considering that it could be a long process, we advise students to apply on time.
Citizens of the following countries applying for a Short Course programme do not need a study visa, as students may stay in Italy for under 90 days without a visa.

Residence Permit

Within 8 days of a student’s arrival in Italy, the first step is to apply for a Residence Permit (Permesso di Soggiorno). This residence permit allows students to legally study and live in Italy for a specific timeframe.

Applying for an Italian Residence Permit is very simple:

Students need to go to a Post Office and ask for a “Permesso di Soggiorno Kit”, a white envelope with some forms. You will find there are two forms: international students will have to fill in only Modulo 1 and provide a copy of:

  • passport (all pages),
  • health insurance covering the period of stay (same provided during the Visa application),
  • copy of the enrolment letter,
  • proof of financial support (you can submit the same document you used to obtain your visa).

Our Student Services Department will assist you in filling in the form and provide all the necessary information to ensure the submission is properly prepared.

Alternatively, students could also refer to the Sportello Amico a dedicated desk at the Post Office where they can receive assistance from the officer in charge.

Once these steps are completed, the Post Office will issue the residence permit receipt along with a fingerprinting appointment letter.

Please note: receipt of the residence permit application is the legal proof that the request is under process. Students must take the receipt with them and they are reminded that it is essential to attend the fingerprinting appointment at the Central Immigration Police Station (Rome, Florence, Milan).

Student Testimonials


  • London

    Mandeville Place, 11-13, W1U 3AJ, London

  • Madrid

    Calle Antonio Maura 12, 28014, Madrid

  • Rome

    Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 154, 00186, Rome

  • Milan

    Via Paolo Lomazzo, 19, 20154, Milan

  • Florence

    Borgo Santi Apostoli, 19, 50123, Florence