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GCU (Global Cyber University), the globally central university educating 21st century’s global men of ability, globalizing Korean traditions, and realizing welfare society

The "Korean Wave" is a popular term these days. Compared to many countries, South Korea isn't very big. Yet, it seems to be having a big cultural influence in the world.

More and more, people are embracing Korean cultural products – K-pop music, television drama series, animated films, technology, and food. And it's happening not only in Eastern Asia but also in places you might not expect, such as Romania, Egypt, Iran, and Iraq.

In Korea, this is called Hallyu, which means "the flow and spread of Korea." Even though South Korea is just part of a small peninsula in the East Sea, its cultural footprint is much, much larger and getting larger every day.

You could see Global Cyber University as another current in that ocean. Just as all the other products have something unique and useful to offer, so does Korean education. K-pop sensations like Psy singing "Gangnam Style" and Korean dramas like "Wild Chives and Soybean Soup" bring smiles to people's faces and make them feel better about their lives, which is certainly a wonderful thing. Yet, there is something even more important that is not always conveyed as completely as it could be through K-pop, television serials, and other popular products.

At Global Cyber University, we believe education is fundamental to how people live their lives, much more important than the kind of smartphone they choose or the television shows that they watch. Through Global Cyber University, we hope to show the world the deeper meaning of Korean culture, the philosophy that lies right at the core of the culture. Ultimately, this is not just a philosophy for Koreans; it is a philosophy for everyone.


  • Cheonan-si

    Cheonan-si, South Korea