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Kodolanyi Janos University (KJU)

Kodolanyi Janos University (KJU)

Kodolanyi Janos University (KJU)


Kodolanyi Janos University (KJU) is a state-accredited non-profit university offering, academic programs in the fields of tourism & hospitality, business management, mass media & communication, social sciences, history, cultural and language studies. Besides the academic programs KJU also offers a wide range of post-secondary, LLP courses for trainers and trainees as well as international semesters, summer courses, study tours, and internship programs.

In Hungary, KJU has pioneered the development of e-based training at all levels conforming to EU standards supported with specialist applied research. All programs capitalize on the professional knowledge of qualified faculty and professional trainers as well as guest lecturers from the industry and international partners.

Our mission is to contribute to the efforts to strengthen the European competitive higher education system and the international integration of Hungarian higher education. As a leader among non-profit higher education institutions, the goal of KJU is to be a center of excellence in education, innovation, and research.

Why KJU?

Reasons to get the chosen degree at KJU

KJU offers unique opportunities for students’ entrepreneurial activities to start an independent career.

  1. Enjoy the excellence of the degree: You can develop professional skills for 21st-century business services.
  2. Get a grant for international mobility: You can choose to study or do your internship for one semester in another European country
  3. Collaboration with professionals: With our assistance, you can develop your professional network
  4. Take a course, study, and work: In co-operation with Hungarian companies we can offer you work experience, including part-time jobs

KJU Model is the First-class Offer

It is highly internationalized

  • because it complies with the UN Compact model GLRI 50+20 Global Responsible Leadership recommended by EFMD WBSCSB Accreditation agencies in Europe and the USA.

It is highly professionalized

  • because it combines the latest Business Administration and Management knowledge base with a service science approach.

It has a high emphasis on quality

  • because it meets the European E.N.Q.A., the A.S.I.A.N. A.P.Q.N., and US C.H.E.A. accreditation norms have won several prestigious national and international quality awards.


  • Number of students: 3000
  • Number of worldwide partners: 170
  • Graduate certificates given: 33000
  • Employment rate within 6 months of graduation: 90%


    All international applicants who meet the admission criteria defined by the KJU regulations are admitted to the complex program made up of a pre-bachelor or pre-master (PREP) semester and the chosen bachelor or master course. Students who complete successfully the PREP semester will automatically earn a place in the chosen bachelor or master course at KJU on the condition they will have attained the pass mark by the end of the PREP semester. The academic credits (ECTS) will be acknowledged and transferred to the chosen bachelor or master studies, which means that you can already accumulate half of the compulsory 30 ECTS for an academic semester of your chosen degree course.

    Admission Criteria

    Bachelor Studies:

    • completed secondary education which entitles the applicants to pursue bachelor studies in their home country (high school diploma)
    • Good command of English (minimum IELTS 5.0 or equivalent)

    Master Studies:

    • completed bachelor studies of 6 or more semesters (Bachelor Honours degree)*
    • Good command of English (minimum IELTS 5.5 or equivalent)

    In the case of MSc in Tourism Management and MSc in Enterprise Development only a bachelor's degree obtained in the same field of studies is accepted (e.g. Tourism, Catering, Economics, Commerce, Finances, etc.)

    Visa Requirements

    Applicants coming from a country that is under visa obligations according to the Schengen acquis, need to apply for the Residence Permit for the Purpose of Studies and also a residence permit visa (D-visa).

    With the residence permit visa (D-visa), you can enter Hungary only once and you are allowed to stay with this document in Hungary only for 30 days.

    Application for Residence Permit in your Country

    You need to submit the residence permit application package at the Hungarian Consulate, which operates in your or the nearest country. By contacting the Consulate you can ask for further information or you will be guided by our representative in your country.

    The residence permit visa package should contain the following documents:

    • A completed and signed residence permit application form;
    • payment of the visa fee;
    • A valid passport (the validity of which has to exceed that of the requested visa by at least 3 months);
    • 1 passport-sized photo in color (not older than 6 months);
    • supporting documents of school attendance (Letter of Acceptance issued by KJU);
    • Supporting documents of accommodation (Confirmation of Accommodation issued by KJU);
    • Documents certifying subsistence in Hungary ( notarized bank account statement; and/or the declaration of the parents of their sponsorship of the stay in Hungary. Bank loans for sponsorship are not accepted!);
    • Health insurance or equal financial means;

    Scholarships and Funding

    All degree students enrolled in KJU with active status are eligible for the Erasmus+ Mobility Grant for studies and/or traineeship abroad.

    Further details:

    Erasmus+ Office:
    1139 Budapest, Frangepán St. 50-56
    Room: 007

    Erasmus+ Coordinators:
    Annamária Bajusz (mobility for studies)
    Sara Szakony (mobility for traineeship)

    Student Testimonials


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