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L’Université Catholique Du Congo Bachelor in theology
L’Université Catholique Du Congo

Bachelor in theology

Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo

3 Years


Full time

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Sep 2023

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In 1996, the Permanent Committee of Bishops of the Congo approved a new organization of studies at the Faculty of Theology, which came into effect in October of the same year. The reform took its start from the re-examination of the program of the Department of Theology and Human Sciences whose initial double objective consisted in the theological formation of religious and lay students who were not destined for the priestly life, and in the inculturation of the gospel through the integration, in theological formation, of the human sciences attentive to the environment and cultural traditions.

Without abandoning this dual concern, the Standing Committee of Bishops reaffirms that the Church needs lay people trained in theology, and stresses that the formation of the latter must be the same as for priests (with the exception, of course, of matters related to the priestly ministry). There will be no special program for lay people or priests. For everyone, it will be the same at all levels: Graduate, License, Advanced Diploma (DEA), Doctorate.

Moreover, all the theology taught at the Faculty must be inculturated; training in human sciences intrinsic to theology is imposed on all theology students and this, at each level.

The Faculty of Theology intends not only to train specialists for theological education in Universities, Major Seminaries and Scholasticates, but also to ensure the training of competent staff for theological, apostolic, pastoral and liturgical animation within religious communities. and Christians.

There are four orientations within this Faculty:

  • Biblical
  • dogmatic
  • moral
  • pastoral

The basic training extends over two cycles: 3 years of graduat and 2 years of licence. The degree program in theology can be supplemented by that of the Aggregation of secondary education of the higher degree which authorizes the licensee to teach in secondary schools.

At the third cycle level, students can acquire the degrees of Diplôme d'Etudes Approfondies en Théologie, Doctor of Theology and Aggregated Master of Higher Education in Theology.


Educational objectives

The propaedeutic aims to give a philosophical basis to students wishing to undertake theological studies. In one year, the candidates are prepared to approach these studies by following fundamental courses in philosophy and some courses in human sciences. During the first cycle of theology, candidates from the propaedeutics follow two additional courses in the History of Philosophy.

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