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Riga Technical University Bachelor of Chemical Technology
Riga Technical University

Bachelor of Chemical Technology

Riga, Latvia

4 Years


Full time

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Sep 2024

EUR 3,220



Why Chemical Technology at RTU?

The only program of its kind in Latvia, the Riga Technical University Chemical Technology department has not only set the standard for instruction and research in the field, it continues to redefine the discipline’s frontiers.

Students learn from world-renowned faculty members with a broad range of experience and expertise dedicated to creative, comprehensive teaching and research that ranges from fundamental to applied. This backdrop creates a vibrant interdisciplinary research program that creatively shapes engineering science and design through interfaces with chemistry, biology, and materials science, and contributes to solving the technological needs of the global economy and human society.

Whether your dream is to work in academia, or industry or to create your own company, RTU Chemical Technology has the people, the resources, and the path to get you there.

About Chemical Technology and Chemical Engineering

Chemical technology is one of the most broadly-based engineering disciplines. Its field of practice covers the development, design, and control of processes and products that involve molecular change, both chemical and biological, and the operation of such processes. Because many of the products that sustain and improve life are produced by carefully designed and controlled molecular changes, the chemical engineer serves in a wide variety of industries. These industries range from chemical and energy companies to producers of all types of consumer and specialty products, pharmaceuticals, textiles, polymers, advanced materials, and solid-state and biomedical devices.

Traditionally linked to fuel combustion and energy systems, today’s chemical engineers are spearheading new developments in medicine, biotechnology, microelectronics, advanced materials, energy, consumer products, manufacturing, and environmental solutions.

Degree Awarded: Bachelor's Degree of Engineering Science in Chemical Technology


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