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STI ISW Business School Freiburg

STI ISW Business School Freiburg

STI ISW Business School Freiburg


Practice - theory - Competence

Sports Management, Culture Management, Hospitality and Tourism Management and International Management study at STI ISW Business School Freiburg

The STI ISW Business School Freiburg offers studies with an international focus. Here you can study in professional learning environment Cultural Management, Sports Management, Hospitality and Tourism Management and International Management in Freiburg. The ISW Business School Freiburg is a Transfer Institute of the officially recognized Steinbeis University Berlin.

The curriculum of the university Steinbeis Transfer Institutes ISW Business School Freiburg SHB includes "Leisure Management" with a focus on:

  • International Cultural Management
  • International Sports Management
  • Hotel and Tourism Management

and Studiengäng in Business Administration:

  • International Management and Intercultural Competences (Part time)
  • International Management and Intercultural Competences (full-time)

International Cultural Management: Classic and avant-garde at the same time

to study international cultural management means to learn the complexities of culture, economy and society and to lead an operation within the meaning culture oriented values ​​and goals. Here, the idea of ​​cultural mediation is always first. If you study Culture Management with us, we prepare you optimally for your future profession.

ISW 1998 was the first institute in Europe with the offer "International Culture Management" as initial. Backed by its experience and its worldwide network of graduates ISW is therefore at the top of the provider of such a degree program.

Degree courses in Hotel and Tourism: Still in high demand

Anyone interested in a degree program in Hotel & Tourism Management, will be held on STI ISW Business School Freiburg perfect conditions. Besides economic contexts tourism management studies are taught subject-specific content in Freiburg at Hotel such as Restaurant Management, Food & Beverage Management, Tourism Marketing and Sustainability. Tourism programs also require expertise in the field of intercultural communication and foreign language skills. Part of the seminars is therefore - also as in all other priority programs at the ISW - taught in English, and at least one other foreign language is compulsory.

International Sports Management study: Much more than just sports

The sports and leisure industry is an industry with excellent career prospects and secure growth forecasts. As a sports management graduate with Bachelor, you have many doors open, for example in sports federations, sports agencies, private and public sports associations or the trade fair and convention management. The success speaks for itself: Almost all graduates who study International Sport Management with us, find promising jobs around the world.

Whether you opt for a Hotel & Tourism Management Studies, Sport Management or want to undertake cultural management as a study or are interested in our Business Administration Studies: The unique, innovative construction as Project Competence study allows an optimal combination of theory at the highest level with constant studying in parallel practical application in businesses and organizations.


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