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The British University in Egypt BSc (Hons) in Chemical Engineering
The British University in Egypt

BSc (Hons) in Chemical Engineering

Cairo, Egypt

4 Years


Full time

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The Chemical Engineering Department has developed a vision, mission, and educational objectives for its programme through well-established procedures. The vision of the Department is to be considered among the top departments in the Middle East, which produces graduates that meet international standards and is able to attract leading faculty. Our mission is to provide students with quality chemical engineering education, provide services, and carry out basic and applied research.

Distinctive features of the programme

The BUE delivers programmes based on a British philosophy of education. This results in programmes that are very much focused on the student rather than those who deliver the material. Graduates from UK programmes typically exhibit:

  • the ability to think creatively and with strong problem-solving skills;
  • high-level key and transferable skill sets;
  • the ability to maintain independently a high level of professional and subject-specific competence (often through CPD);
  • technical competence;
  • the ability to conceptualise problems at a high level (i.e. to see the big picture);
  • diligent and ethical working practices;
  • the ability to work both independently and as part of a team;
  • flexibility and the ability to apply their subject-specific knowledge to fields outside their own;
  • the ability to face any new professional or academic challenge and use available resources to create innovative solutions.


Furthermore, this programme is delivered both with a local and UK flavour giving students the opportunity to gain an appreciation of national and international perspectives on many aspects of professional life. This includes management techniques, business culture, legal frameworks and standards.

The BUE Mission is to be the leading provider of high-quality UK style education in the MENA region. The University is committed to ensuring UK validation of its programmes and to ensure a student experience that is in line with UK standards. Built on top of institutional quality assurance is subject level validation and the Faculty is committed to ensuring that its UK validating partners confirm that its degree programme is in line with UK standards. An indicator of this will be the dual award of both an Egyptian BSc and a BEng in Chemical Engineering from the UK validating partner.

Accredited degree programmes are the preferred and fast track routes for those who aim to obtain the professional qualification of Chartered Engineer (CEng).

At the time of writing, and to the best of our knowledge, this combination of a programme based on a learning culture fostering key and transferable skill sets, in addition to technical ones, together with academic and professional accreditation, makes our programme in Chemical Engineering quite unique in both Egypt and the surrounding region.

Programme aims

The programme’s educational objectives pertain to career and professional accomplishments desired of students three to five years after graduation. The following four-year programme objectives have been identified to satisfy graduates’ and stakeholders’ needs and to fulfil the programme’s Mission:

  1. Prepare graduates who are skilled chemical and process engineers who serve as professional role models for the next generations.
  2. Prepare graduates who take part in the development of the country’s chemical and process industries and are able to work abroad.
  3. Prepare graduates who develop themselves professionally or pursue their graduate studies.
  4. Prepare graduates who apply principles of mathematics, chemistry, and chemical engineering to the design and safe-operation of economically feasible and environmentally performing chemical and petroleum processing systems.

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