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UBIS is a truly unique, professionally focused international educational institution with campus locations in Geneva, Switzerland, Barcelona, Spain, and a Global Online Campus headquartered in Washington DC.

The UBIS DNA is composed of three main factors:

  • Real-World Experience
  • Personal Attention for Each Student
  • International Perspective

UBIS offers professionally focused programs ranging from micro-certificates, bachelor, master and doctorate degrees.

UBIS’ professors are highly experienced professionals. They bring to the classroom real-world problems and dissect them with the critical eye of experience.

UBIS is constantly adapting its course content and methodologies to ensure that our graduates are equipped with the knowledge and skills to thrive in globlal business and technology market.

At UBIS we pay attention to the needs of every student and aim to deliver a customized and personalized learning experience.

We are a truly international community: UBIS’ faculty, staff, and students come from over 40 different nationalities and from every corner of the world. UBIS also has a strong network of international university and corporate partners and a truly international Alumni network. Currently, UBIS’ Family is spread over 4 continents.

Why Study at UBIS

  • Customized, high-quality academic programs and a faculty that is highly supportive of individual business-oriented student projects. Small class size is key.
  • Focus on student’s career perspective: programs aligned with future of work; faculty with professional experience, combined technical and social skills approach.
  • Highly diverse student body. Semester abroad (partner institutions) and/or internship (USA, Switzerland, Spain) options.
  • UBIS has a state-of-the-art online learning platform that allows our you to study abroad or from the comfort of your own home, and the flexibility to fit your education into your busy schedule.


Detailed Information


UBIS was founded in 2006 to create an institution with high academic standards and a supportive environment for students interested in business careers. UBIS is accredited by IACBE, EduQua, and Higher Education Licensure Commission in Washington DC. UBIS has a network of international academic partners and an international alumni network. The faculty, staff, and students come from more than 40 nations.


At UBIS we build student capacities to navigate territories they may be unfamiliar with, to adapt to changing circumstances, to operate in multicultural modes, and to implement projects that will have positive impacts in the world. We constantly review and modify our programs and teaching methods to align with current business and societal needs.


Student research is encouraged and developed through the capstone project at the bachelor level and a thesis at the master and doctoral level. The master and doctoral theses are expected to demonstrate original research and a contribution to new knowledge. The professional expertise of the faculty is crucial for orienting these theses to real-world business issues. The originality of the research is monitored through close mentoring of the theses at predetermined stages of student writing submissions. Faculty are expected to demonstrate research activity through contributions to peer-reviewed journals and participation in Published proceedings of conferences.

Career Prospects

Student career prospects are enhanced by high-quality academic programs that are constantly aligned with the future of work, by faculty with extensive professional experience, by an emphasis on social skills (communication, cooperation, cultural sensitivity) and by the space students are given to develop their own business projects. The prominence given to research (capstone projects and theses) oriented to real-world business issues is a major factor in preparing our students for success. Students have multiple opportunities given by the online environment (e.g., participation in important conferences, internships at businesses, International institutions, and NGO’s) and by our international academic partnerships.



Student Offices

  • Career Center advises each individual student where to go for an internship. All students are allowed to work for 15 hours per week after the first 6 months of studying in Switzerland.
  • Student Learning Platform helps to control grades and study materials.
  • Online program for distance learning education.
  • Student Services to help with visa, residence card formalities, health care and accommodation.
  • Orientation days for new students: acquaintance with professors, city guide tours, integration with existing students.
  • Student Association – organizes fun events for students in and outside of Geneva.



Campus Features

Choose from 2 globally influential cities or experience your education in multiple locations around the world with our Global Online Campus.

Geneva, Switzerland Campus

Geneva is the leading financial center of Switzerland and is home to an unsurpassed number of global agencies, federations, financial institutions, and multinational companies, including the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, UBS, the International Olympic Committee and Thomson Reuters. With four official languages and a population made up of over 190 nationalities, Geneva, Switzerland is a premier hub for business & international relations.

Barcelona, Spain Campus

Barcelona is a diverse city full of exciting prospects and opportunities. Never a dull moment in Barcelona with 68 parks, 55 museums, outdoor activities, and almost 5km of sandy beaches. This city is one big international community, with over 179 nationalities represented, and offers warm welcomes to everyone from students to expats, who are all looking to call this place ‘home’. Barcelona may be a city best known for its rich artistic and cultural tradition, but it is also an increasingly important international place of business, being a top destinations for tech startups and innovation.

Global Online Campus

Experience the whole world from your home. Online education offers students and business professional flexibility and range of benefits. Take advantage of an asynchronous learning environment for flexibility, virtual office hours provided in all courses for individual and unique support, student support services for help outside of the classroom, truly global faculty, and more as a UBIS student. Our Global Campus brings together people, cultures, and innovative ideas from around the world.


    Our talented Global Admissions team meet with candidates individually to discuss career and educational goals to ensure that UBIS is a great fit. We assess candidates individually based on the strength of their whole profile. Your drive and your mindset are important indicators of your success here, and we value them as much as your proven achievements.

    We accept applications on a rolling basis with priority being given to those who apply by our deadlines.

    Scholarships and Funding

    UBIS provides a limited number of partial scholarships to qualifying students. To learn more about eligibility any candidate interested in learning more about the partial scholarship must speak with our admissions team by phone.

    Your Admissions Representative will discuss with you in detail available scholarships and funding options.

    UBIS MBA Ranked Tier 1 - CEO Magazine

    UBIS MBA is ranked in the top tier of Global MBA programs by CEO Magazine


    Accreditations & Rankings

    • #7 on CEO Magazine Global MBA Ranking 2020/2021
    • Tier One on CEO Magazine Global MBA Ranking 2022
    • WURI 2021 Rankings - World's Universities with Student Mobility & Openness
    • WURI 2021 Rankings - World's Universities with Real Impact
    • EduQua
    • Federation des Enterprises Romande (FER)
    • European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD)
    • Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA)
    • UBIS was approved for Higher Education Learning Commissions Accreditation in Washington DC


    • Geneva

      Avenue Blanc,46, 1202, Geneva

    • Geneva

      Geneva, Switzerland