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Universidade São Francisco (USF) Chemical engineering
Universidade São Francisco (USF)

Chemical engineering

São Paulo, Brazil

10 Semesters


Part time

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The Chemical Engineer is a professional capable of transforming raw materials into products through the development and/or improvement of manufacturing processes on a small or large scale. It is able to design and control the construction, assembly, installation and operation of equipment and factories where the preparation or chemical treatment of products is carried out. It carries out investigations with the objective of verifying the different operational stages, the possibilities of production for commercial purposes, always aiming at reducing production costs and environmental impacts, in addition to better quality control. It is also up to the Chemical Engineer to inspect and coordinate activities of workers in charge of chemical equipment and systems.

Currently, the professional required by the job market has to be an entrepreneur, that is, it is expected that he/she has initiative, leadership skills and, above all, motivation and enthusiasm.

Considering that the best way to prepare students for professional activities is to help them effectively and consistently incorporate basic concepts and ethical training, the USF Chemical Engineering course was designed based on a set of fundamental disciplines , common to engineering courses, specific professional disciplines and generalist disciplines that allow the expansion of the possibilities of acting in the labor market. With these resources, students will have the conditions to be successful in their career choices and will also have the intellectual basis to be a participating citizen.

The start of the course's activities took place in the first half of 2012. Its curriculum seeks to improve teaching-learning relationships, with the aim of better outlining the professional who will graduate from Universidade São Francisco. In this sense, the disciplines were distributed in 10 semester modules, with no prerequisites.

General information

Duration: 10 semesters

Night time

Credit Hours: 3,860h

Occupation area

The Chemical Engineering Course at Universidade São Francisco has the mission of preparing professionals who are able to combine technical training in engineering with the ability to work in the different activities offered by the profession, that is, in chemical, oil, food, pharmaceutical industries and companies where there is the handling of chemical substances, in addition to the services and consulting sector.

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