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University of Cambridge Corpus Christi College Bachelor of Music
University of Cambridge Corpus Christi College

Bachelor of Music

Cambridge, United Kingdom

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Aug 2023

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The Music course at Cambridge is designed to introduce students not just to a range of music, but to a wide variety of ways of thinking about and understanding music. At first the focus is on the skills needed for university-level music studies, with a solid grounding in the techniques and history of the Western musical tradition, as well as an understanding of the many roles music plays in today’s world. As a student progresses through the course there is increasing freedom to take specialised courses in different kinds of music, or approaches to it.

Though the course has a strong academic component, students can choose to study performance and composition in all three years, and can choose to spend most of their final year working with individual staff members on their own analytical, historical or compositional projects. The Music Department has an online undergraduate prospectus.

The musical scene at Corpus is very lively and well-supported. The College Music Society, the Bene’t Club, organises a number of Chamber concerts, organ recitals, solo instrumental series and usually two orchestral concerts a year. The Master also has a regularly series of informal concerts in the lodge. We have two Fellows in music at Corpus. Nick Danks is a graduate of Corpus and teaches both at the College and for the Music Faculty, specialising in Harmony and Counterpoint and Keyboard Skills. Dr. Rachel Adelstein is an ethnomusicologist, who has written about music and the memory of the Holocaust. She is especially interested in contemporary Jewish liturgical music, as well as artistic expressions of Jewish feminism and American vernacular musics. Nick Danks is our Director of Music

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