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This is a place of acknowledgement and fair access, achievement and personal attention – a special blend of a caring, nurturing environment sets VIU apart from other universities. It’s an essential ingredient for a values-based education that creates an environment balancing academic accomplishments with the goal of developing students' social and relationship skills to last a lifetime, make a difference, and model others to do the same. In doing this, VIU is making an invaluable contribution to much stronger and healthier communities and a better world.

Support and student achievement go hand in hand.

Students and alumni tell us all the time how VIU’s small classes and caring support from faculty and staff have made a difference for them in finding success in their studies. The attention to every student’s needs goes far beyond a number. The result? Students have the opportunity to become graduates who are confident, motivated and prepared to take on the world as they step into future careers.

Students flourish in teaching-focused classes.

Students go above and beyond in programs that provide a match for their passion, their ambition, and their future career aspirations. The focus at VIU is on helping students meet their goals, prepare for careers, and attain success they may not even have imagined when they started. Students experience hands-on learning, individual attention, and many opportunities for undergraduate research.

With more than 120+ programs, there are many paths ahead.

Students can find the right VIU program to help them prepare for a multitude of careers. Advisors are with them from day one, whether they start out with fundamental upgrading for university entrance, or if they’re a top high school scholar attending on scholarship.


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