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Westlake University is a new type of high-quality research-oriented university based in the historic Chinese city of Hangzhou - a stunning city well-known throughout Asia for its long history, rich culture, fine arts, and beautiful scenery. Our university was founded by prominent, globally respected scientists and scholars. We are quickly becoming a leading university for science, engineering, and innovation. At Westlake, we emphasize academic freedom, research excellence, interdisciplinary engagement, and international collaboration. We are committed to building a truly international, world-class, research-oriented university.

Classes at Westlake University are taught in English. We currently offer Ph.D. programs in Biology, Chemistry, and Electronic Science and Technology and a joint Ph.D. program in Physics with Fudan University. Our undergraduate programs in Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Physics, Electronic and Information Engineering, and Materials Science and Engineering offer the same resources and academic freedom as our graduate programs and allow students to work collaboratively in nation-leading laboratories alongside graduate students and world-class faculty advisors.

In addition, we believe in making higher education affordable for every Westlake University student. We offer a variety of scholarships, grants, and on-campus employment opportunities to all graduate and undergraduate students.

Go International, Go Abroad

Go International

Westlake university’s goal is to recruit 50% domestic and 50% international students to all undergraduate programs to create a truly international study environment.

Our Ph.D. programs recruit students from top global master’s programs.

Go Abroad

In addition to your international experience in China, all undergraduate students are required to spend a semester at one of our 21 partner universities abroad. We have established study abroad programs with leading universities in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and Israel, including UC Berkeley, Cornell University, University of Edinburgh, UC San Diego, Monash University, Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and many more.

Ph.D. students are encouraged to study in short-term programs abroad or to present their research at international academic research conferences and forums. There are ample funding opportunities for graduate international experiences.

Campus Features

About Westlake University

Join Inspiring People

At Westlake University, you will learn from and be mentored by our world-class faculty. Over 95% of our professors hail from top-notch universities, including MIT, Caltech, UC Berkeley, and Stanford. In addition, all our senior leadership has studied and/or held positions at distinguished institutions such as Princeton, Harvard, Yale, UPenn, UIUC, and KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden). You will work and collaborate with these brilliant scientists and engineers, changing our world. You will also be surrounded by enthusiastic fellow students who seek challenges in academics, personal growth, and cultural adventures. At Westlake, you will make lifelong friends and connect with future leaders.

A Community for Future Leaders

Westlake University is an intimate, supportive, and diverse community. Different interests and causes are represented by multiple types of student groups, allowing individuals to explore, create, and lead in their own ways. We hope to facilitate an engaging, exciting, and inspiring student life experience for all.

Our Campus

Our beautiful campus was designed by renowned German firm HENN GmbH and is one of the most sustainable and multi-functional campuses in the world. Our campus boasts 300 state-of-the-art independent laboratories, 13 innovation platforms, and six shared research facilities. Our main campus is in the heart of an expanding university town, between a major technology hub and ancient historical ruins, tea plantations, and Westlake UNESCO world heritage site.


    • Hangzhou

      No. 600 Dunyu Road, , Hangzhou

    • Hangzhou

      No.18 Shilongshan Road, , Hangzhou