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Xuzhou Institute Of Technology Materials and Chemical Engineering
Xuzhou Institute Of Technology

Materials and Chemical Engineering

Xuzhou, China

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Sep 2023

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Training objectives: to cultivate professional knowledge of new energy materials, nanomaterials, catalytic materials, inorganic materials, such as the structure and performance, processing and preparation, material structure and performance, and strong engineering practice capabilities and innovation awareness. High-quality applied technical personnel engaged in new material design, research and development, technological transformation, analysis and testing, and engineering management in the fields of photovoltaic energy, new energy vehicles, petroleum and petrochemicals, nano-catalytic materials, and new building materials.

Main courses: material science and engineering foundation, material preparation, and synthesis design, material processing principles, material characterization methods, computer applications in materials science, new energy materials and applications, battery materials, and technology.

Employment direction: New energy battery materials, nanomaterials, petroleum and petrochemical, aerospace, building materials, machinery, electronic information, metallurgy, and other industries engaged in the production of new materials, quality inspection, process, and equipment design, research and development, and management of new materials Management work.

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