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The eUniv is a private higher education institution in the Principality of Andorra authorized by its Government in accordance with Andorran university law, to teach official bachelor, master and doctorate studies.

The eUniv is a private university committed to promoting the economic and social development of Andorra, with its internationalization and, especially, with its language and culture.

The Principality of Andorra has been part of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) since the Berlin Conference (2003) and, consequently, all the state titles of its university system are fully adapted to the requirements of structuring levels, internal guarantee of the quality, transparency and recognition of European titles.

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The students of online studies are characterized by having a profile of a person of working age and with family and social responsibilities, a reality that cannot be ignored by any training proposal without falling into evident dishonesty.

These people, in their professional environment, usually receive specialized continuous training, normally linked to their field of work. But they receive this training ordinarily in sequence, and only very exceptionally simultaneously. On the other hand, when they enter university higher education they are obliged to attend four or five different subjects simultaneously, both face-to-face and virtual.

This requirement, so clearly insensitive with respect to their profile, explains the high dropout rates that all this group presents when it intends to progress in higher education.

At eUniv, we understand that this indifference is unfair, and for this reason, students study the subjects of their studies one after the other, sequentially, without the obligation to simultaneously attend two or more subjects. This is the University's commitment to its students, but also to the coherence of the training process and its logical order of transmission of knowledge and skills.


The traditional academic organization in courses and semesters is perfect for a certain type of student, but for others it is an insurmountable barrier to access.

The teaching organization of eUniv studies is characterized by its flexibility, which is immediately verified with the access system: students can enter their studies in any of the five calls of the academic year, and always do so following the logical order of teaching of the subjects foreseen in the study plan.

Students can start their studies for the first subject of the program at the time that their availability is clear. Once started, they can be interrupted and restarted, as appropriate to the students, knowing that they can rejoin the following school month to study the corresponding subject without prejudice, neither academic nor financial.

All ordinary subjects have the same academic load of 12 ECTS credits. This load entails a dedication of eight weeks, and during the duration of this period the students focus exclusively on carrying out the training activities provided for in the subject they are studying: reading the theoretical texts and carrying out the practical exercises, with their corresponding self-evaluations, for each thematic unit, elaboration of the academic work of the subject, which can be individual or in group, and participation in the successive calls of the Subject Discussion Forum.


On-campus university training activities become "really virtual" at the eUniv . All the training activities that take place in traditional classrooms have their corresponding transfer to the virtual classrooms of the eUniv.

Each subject of a program is divided into Units and these, in turn, are structured around theoretical and practical contents and activities. The theoretical content also offers an in-depth reference text. The practical activities are developed through a wide range of practical cases, each with its self-evaluation. The activities are ordered from the Papers and Forums of each subject. The Forum is a collaborative activity that is carried out among all the students and teachers.

Students also have other very useful resources at their disposal in their learning process, such as: the Virtual Library, self-assessment test and explanatory videos made by specialists in the subject. These audiovisuals highlight the fundamental pillars of each Unit, in addition to other topics of interest, and develop the approach for solving each of the practical cases of each subject.



The eUniv offers Andorran state (official) university degrees at Bachelor, Master and Doctorate levels, all fully recognized in the European Higher Education Area.

University Centers

The eUniv is organized academically in three centers: the F. Layret University College for Bachelors and Masters, the JH Newman Doctoral School and the School of Classical Languages.


Research at the university is coordinated by the Feedback Institute of Applied Research and is developed from lines of research linked to the Doctoral Program and led by the different specialized chairs.


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