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In today's rapidly changing business environment, success requires a unique perspective and the ability to adapt proactively to emerging global trends. The world - and the world of business - is constantly changing. And as the world around us is changing, so is the way we're doing business.

The University of Sydney Business School is a world-class business school at the forefront of global business and management education. Relevant and focussed on today's business world, it is the only business school in Australia with combined global accreditations from AACSB, CEMS, and EQUIS. Many of our programs are also professionally accredited, complementing and underpinning the global recognition and respect of a University of Sydney Business School qualification.

Why Study at the Business School?

The University of Sydney Business School offers you the most dynamic business education experience in Australia and offers a suite of Undergraduate, Specialised Business Masters, Postgraduate Management and Postgraduate Research programs developed in consultation with the leaders of industry.

Studying at The University of Sydney Business School will give you access to our unparalleled learning community, international accreditations and will provide you with a passport into a worldwide network of high-achieving and successful alumni.

The Business School offers fresh perspectives on business problems and we inspire our students to think, challenge and create. We also work very closely with our Australian and international corporate partners, as the Business School believes that contemporary business and relevant business education are inseparable.

By choosing to study at the University of Sydney Business School, you are not just earning a degree. You are opening the door to the learning and lifestyle benefits that the University of Sydney can offer and set the course for your future in the world of business.

Undergraduate Study: A 360° View

Undergraduate study at the University of Sydney Business School is more dynamic and connected to the relevant industry than ever before. Our courses focus on real-world business and offer an immersive learning environment through international and domestic internship and placement programs.

This comprehensive approach to learning offers Business School students a complete 360° view of the world around you, enabling you to launch your career with confidence.

Whatever your passion, the quality degree programs at the University of Sydney Business School are designed to help you achieve your career aspirations.



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