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Celso Lisboa was born in the city of Rio de Janeiro in the early 20th century. Son of teachers, he began his life dedicating himself to politics as councilor and state legislator in the 1950s. At that time, he developed projects of economic and social relevance and, on its own initiative, founded and maintained the Recovery Center Bela Vista and Social Welfare Work for minors. Reduce social inequality through quality education was a dream, your dream.

In 1964, he abandoned political activities to found the College Atheneu Brazilian, aimed at the middle and high school. Continuing its dream, created in 1971, the University Society Celso Lisboa. Consolidating its success story in 1998, the institution conquer the position of University Center, offering, in addition to courses in management, graduations on health and the environment.

The Celso Lisboa is the best University Center for Health and Wellness in Rio de Janeiro. With 45 years of existence, the Institute has trained more than 20,000 students in its undergraduate courses. There are 14 thousand square meters of infrastructure on a single campus in the heart of North Zone, in front of the Superhighway Sampaio Station:

80 classrooms divided into 5 blocks 18 laboratories for practical classes 4 computer labs 3 auditoriums multi-sport gym Academy Library

Programmes taught in:
  • Portuguese (Brazil)

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Centro Universitário Celso Lisboa (UCL)

The course of Directors of Celso Lisboa offers a comprehensive training, allowing the trainee performance in the areas of Human Resources, Marketing, Finance or Operation ... [+]

The course of Directors of Celso Lisboa offers a comprehensive training, allowing the trainee performance in the areas of Human Resources, Marketing, Finance or Operations in services or industry.

The profession is the most popular in the country, highlighting the importance of the administrator in the national socio-economic scenario.


The Administrator formed by Celso Lisboa can act in various areas companies:

Hospitality - the management of hotels, hotels, theme parks, taking care of the operation of the establishment of their services and their maintenance. Financial - in the coordination of financial institutions activities, dealing with assets, working capital, budgets and cash flow analysis. Human resources - in the care of relations between employees and company, coordinating the selection and admission, career plans and salaries and incentive programs, training and development of people. Hospital - in the management of hospitals, clinics, emergency rooms and health care facilities, as well as be able to work together to plan and health insurance. Production - in the areas of production planning and control, quality control, distribution and logistics. Third Sector - in the planning and coordination of activities of nonprofit organizations, managing fundraising and its application in environmental projects, educational, professional or community. Marketing - the definition of business performance plans, studying customer needs, developing products and services to meet them. Education - in educational institutions, taking care of the planning and management of resources required for educational activities. ... [-]
Brazil Rio de Janeiro
March 2020
Portuguese (Brazil)
Full time
8 semesters
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