Estonian Entrepreneurship University Of Applied Sciences (EUAS)


About EUAS

Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences (EUAS), founded in 1992, is the largest private university in Estonia. Our 1,600 students make us the market leader, yet allow us to be focused and close to our students – as we like it. We take pride in our hands-on curricula where learning is done by doing; our network of partners from the business world, both agile startups and established industry leaders; and our lean organization geared towards making the study experience as smooth as possible. EUAS has an alumni-network with over 5000 graduates.

  • We offer insight into tomorrow's trends in entrepreneurship through a solid network of visiting lecturers and mentors from the business world.
  • EUAS' curricula are focused on entrepreneurial creativity and applicable business skills.
  • EUAS is located in Tallinn, Estonia, in the heart of Ülemiste City, the innovation campus dubbed 'the Silicon Valley of the North’.

Benefits for students in choosing EUAS

  • High-quality European education at an affordable price
  • One of the very few European universities offering degree programs in Russian
  • Located in Tallinn, often counted among the top quality of life cities in the world
  • Excellent social life in Tallinn for both English- and Russian-speakers
  • Great startup and business opportunities in Ülemiste City and beyond
  • A global family of students from Europe, Asia, Africa and America

Among the many reasons for choosing Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences (EUAS) five stand out.

  • EUAS isan international universitywith students from all over the world. Our students have a choice of studying in either Estonian, English or Russian. Our curricula are developed in sync with corporate partners across borders and our teaching staff hail from aninternational networkof like-minded universities.
  • We aresmall but focused, keeping enrolment and the day-to-day bureaucracy to a minimum and our attention where it belongs - offering our students the best possible entrepreneurship training. Our 1600 students make us the market leader of private higher education in Estonia.
  • We area university of entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs and for (future) entrepreneurs. At EUAS, we try to make people learn valuable lessons from others' successes as well as mistakes. We offer our students intense contact with the business world throughout their studies in the form of visiting lectures, regular informal meetups and internships. On average our graduates earn more than graduates from Tallinn University or University of Tartu, the large Estonian public universities.
  • We are located in Tallinn,one of Europe's startup hot spots with ever-enhancing opportunities to find the right team, shape the right product, raise funds and take off with your idea. For aspirations in an intrapreneurial career, look no further than our good neighbours and internship-partners from the various high-value industries atÜlemiste City the innovation campus dubbed "the Silicon Valley of the North".
  • Easily accessible and low-cost location. Estonia is well-connected to any part of the world and the living costs (accommodation, food, transportation) are much more reasonable than in Scandinavia and the UK for instance. It's all the world's opportunities withno hassle and all the more fun.

    EUAS is a university for driven people who are after the next big thing.



Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences

Suur-Sõjamäe 10a
11415 Tallinn, Harju County, Estonia
+372 610 1900

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