VAMK is a modern and international University of Applied Sciences situated in Vaasa, Finland. VAMK provides high level theoretical and practical oriented education in Finnish and in English, both at Bachelor level in full-time and part-time education as well as professional Master´s degree level.

Our strengths are in energy technology and international business competence and in these fields, we are in close cooperation with Vaasa region´s energy sector.

The main areas of focus are high technology, international business, and health care and social services. VAMK takes a special interest in combining the traditional entrepreneurial spirit of the region with international awareness, languages and culture in the education. There is a strong emphasis on internationalization and the instructors maintain the high educational standard.

VAMK has an extensive co-operation network with universities and other educational and research institutions abroad, as well as in Finland. The personnel, programmes and services team up to provide an extensive range of learning alternatives, offering an unbeatable combination of quality education in the modern and student-friendly city of Vaasa.

Currently, VAMK has 3,300 students enrolled and a full-time staff of over 210 members, as well as 50 part-time or visiting teachers and professors. VAMK has two campuses, one in Palosaari – the seaside campus, and one on Raastuvankatu right in the heart of the city centre. Both campuses are easily reached and only 1,5 kilometres from each other.

VAMK Ltd, University of Applied Sciences

Vaasan ammattikorkeakoulu VAMK Ltd, University of Applied Sciences is an international higher education institution educating Bachelors of Business Administration, Engineering, and Social Services as well as Registered Nurses and Public Health Nurses in Finnish, and in English for the demanding needs of the working life.

VAMK Ltd is owned by the city of Vaasa, University of Vaasa, Regional Council of Ostrobothnia and Ostrobothnia Chamber of Commerce.

In a limited liability company, the highest power of decision is vested in the General Meeting, where the shareholders exercise their power according to the voting rights of their shareholding. The Board of Directors, which is in accordance with the Limited Liability Companies Act, sees to the administration of the company and the appropriate organisation of its operations. The rector of VAMK, with the support of the steering committee, acts as the Managing Director of Oy VAMK Ab.


Vaasan ammattikorkeakoulu VAMK, University of Applied Sciences, started its operation as a temporary Polytechnic on 1st of August 1996 and was based on five institutions: Vaasa Institute of Technology, Vaasa Commercial College, Vaasa College of Hotel and Restaurant Services, Vaasa College of Health Care and Vaasa College of Household and Social Services.

Soon after these institutions were combined into three: Vaasa Institute of Technology, Vaasa Institute of Business Economics and Tourism and Vaasa Institute of Health Care and Social Services. The operation was given a permanent license to form a unified University of Applied Sciences.

These institutions have remarkable individual traditions prior to the merger: business education has a history of over 100 years of in Vaasa. Training experts in technology in Vaasa has been provided for over 150 years whereas training experts in health care have been provided for 25 years. Apart from the Institute of Technology, the other two institutes were separated into VAMK (by the name Vaasa Polytechnic) and colleges of secondary education in connection with receiving the permanent licence on 1 August 1999.

Today VAMK has three educational schools, two units for student and administrative services as well as a unit for applied research and development. The strengths of VAMK are multidisciplinary, multilingual and international education with a good expertise in high technology, international business and tourism as well as highly developed health care and social services in accordance to the institution's renowned educational history.

Mission, vision and values

Vaasan ammattikorkeakoulu, University of Applied Sciences (VAMK) educates international experts to serve the commercial and industrial life. VAMK is a multilingual and international higher education institution, which offers education in two languages as well as research, development and innovation activities integrated into the teaching of technology, business economics and health care and social services.

VAMK offers education in the form of specialisation studies and degree programmes leading to basic degrees and professional Master's degrees. An essential part of the studies in cooperation with the working life.

Our vision is

to be an energetic, attractive, and international learning and research community, which operates in close professional partnership with the region’s working life supporting the region’s success.

Our mission is

to train international experts for the needs of the Ostrobothnia working life by offering Degree Programmes in Technology, Business Economics, Health Care and Social Services, and by conducting research and development work closely linked in these fields. Our operations are multilingual and international.

Our areas of focus are

  • Technical know-how of energy industry, especially electricity generation, utilization and transmission technologies and information technology with a focus on the energy industry.
  • Business know-how of export industry, especially the practices of international trade and logistics.
  • The essential basic know-how of social services and health care and promoting the population’s health, well-being and ability to work.

Our profile

VAMK’s profile emphasises international co-operation and regional impact. Our Degree Programmes concentrate on training experts with international competencies needed by both industry and business life, and we want to be active in developing these competences. The regional impact is carried out through education and research that are based on the needs of the region’s working life. Working life is practically integrated into training by using student-centred pedagogical methods.

Our values include

  • Customer orientation: We anticipate and know the needs and expectations of customers, and we meet those needs and expectations through flexible, high-quality operations.
  • Sustainable development: We bring additional value to western Finland by developing our operations persistently and innovatively and by respecting environmental values.
  • Future-orientated expertise: We provide the working life with experts and ensure our own know-how and expertise through continuous learning.
  • Respect: We build mutual trust by respecting everyone as a human being, and we openly give positive and constructive feedback.

VAMK in a nutshell


3250 (560 in part-time education)


212 (124 faculty members)

Degree programmes

  • 13 undergraduate degrees in full-time education
  • 4 Professional Master´s Degrees
  • Up to 10-degree programmes in part-time education per annum

Fields of study

  • Technology
  • Business Economics
  • Health Care and Social Services
  • Business Information Technology

Time of study

  • Full-time education 210–240 ECTS (3.5–4 years)
  • Part-time education 210–240 ECTS (3–5 years)
  • Professional Master´s Degrees 60–90 ECTS (2-3 years)

International activity

  • 350 International degree students
  • 80 Incoming exchange students
  • 180 Outgoing exchange students

Quality of tuition: 72 % of graduates grade tuition as highly competent

Final theses made for working life: 75 %

Degree programmes and qualifications awarded

Bachelor -level:

  • International Business: Bachelor of Business Administration (in English)
  • Business Economics: Bachelor of Business Administration (in Finnish)
  • Business Information Technology: Bachelor of Business Administration (in Finnish)
  • Social Services: Bachelor of Social Services (in Finnish)
  • Health Care: Bachelor of Health Care (in Finnish)
  • Public Health Care: Bachelor of Health Care (in Finnish)
  • Energy Technology: Bachelor of Engineering (in Finnish and partly in English)
  • Information Technology: Bachelor of Engineering (in English and Finnish)
  • Civil Engineering: Bachelor of Engineering (in Finnish)
  • Electrical Engineering: Bachelor of Engineering (in Finnish)
  • Environmental Technology (in Finnish)
  • Mechanical and Production Engineering: Bachelor of Engineering (in Finnish)


  • Project Management: Master of Engineering (in English)
  • Construction: Master of Engineering (in Finnish)
  • Business Competence: Master of Business Administration (in Finnish)
  • Development and Management of Health Care and Social Services: Master of Health Care/ Public Health Care/Social Services (in Finnish)
Programmes taught in:

This school also offers:


VAMK University of Applied Sciences

The Bachelor in Information Technology (B.Sc. Information Technology) has its roots in the local energy-related industry. We aim at producing experts who can help the lar ... [+]

Key Learning Outcomes

Today, information technology (IT) diffuses into our working life, as well as in our everyday life, in many ways. This automatically results in a growing need for IT experts in modern society. At Vaasan Ammattikorkeakoulu V.A.M.K., University of Applied Sciences, the B.Sc. Information Technology (Bachelor Information Technology) has its roots in the local energy-related industry. We aim at producing experts who can help the large international companies and local players in their product development and technical applications related to IT. <br\> <br\> As an IT student, you will become familiar with certain programming languages, such as C and Java, as well as with some essential technical tools, e.g., IP applications, wireless networks, Internet programming, and a variety of embedded systems. The advanced professional studies focus on internationalization and teamwork in projects, such as our robotics soccer team and the new N.A.O. humanoid robot team. Our students make most of their practical exercises in the modern laboratory premises of Technobothnia. You will focus on technical applications from the practical point of view, keeping your feet at today, but leaning toward the future.... [-]

Finland Vaasa
August 2019
Full time
4 years
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VAMK University of Applied Sciences

The Bachelor in International Business (Bachelor of Business Administration BBA) provides the students with the knowledge and skills needed in various demanding expert an ... [+]

The Bachelor in International Business (Bachelor Business Administration BBA) provides the students with the knowledge and skills needed in various demanding expert and leadership positions. English being the language of instruction, the programme prepares the students to succeed in an international business environment. Besides the student exchange and practical training abroad, our students also have the possibility to study a Double Degree in one of our four partner universities in Germany, Poland or France. The studies include practical assignments conducted for the region´s working-life.

Occupational Profiles

An expert in business economics

masters communication, information technology and mathematics and also possesses readiness of entrepreneurship has knowledge of languages and entrepreneurial spirit and is also flexible and versatile is employed as an expert in various international organisations in Finland and abroad in the fields of marketing, foreign trade, forwarding, transportation and custom clearance. ... [-]
Finland Vaasa
August 2019
Full time
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