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Galileo University is a superior educational institution, product of 40 years of work and constant effort of a select group of professionals led by Dr. Eduardo Suger Cofiño, Ph.D., founder and Rector, who has managed to shape an educational proposal completely different to the traditional and that is driven by a very clear motto: "To educate is to change visions and transform lives."

It was authorized by the Council of Private Higher Education of Guatemala, the governing body of the country's private universities in October 2000, which makes it the first university in Guatemala with a technological focus.

"We want you to pursue your passion, to give you the opportunity to discover, create, change, make possible the impossible and that you can go beyond where many have not."

Dr. Eduardo Suger Cofiño Ph.D.

Founder and Rector of Galileo University

Institutional Philosophy

Galileo University bases its activities on the individual as a human being; recognizes the need to support the development of Guatemalans in general and is fully aware that education is the main tool for the growth of people.

Believes in the teaching of ethical, legal and economic principles for a society of free and responsible people, in the peaceful coexistence of people without importance of religious beliefs, or races, or policies.

Believes in teachers as the most important factor of change in our society, conceiving the urgent need to offer educational options to accept and participate in the processes of reengineering of education, as well as in the efficient training of new generations.

Believes in the urgent need to make available to the educational community of the country, the technological tools necessary for better training.

Believes in the urgent need to improve the conditions of our environment, to create an appropriate ecological environment for future generations, makes us think of projects of national impact in this discipline. He also believes that the ecological conditions of our country and our geographical position invites us to assume leadership in Latin America.book, read, studentgeralt / Pixabay


The training of professionals with world-class academic excellence, a high spirit of justice and human and ethical values, at the service of our society, incorporating contemporary science and technology.

We are committed to our country to give you the opportunity to access university studies to all people without distinction of race, social status or geographical location.


We promote the evolution of human thinking, revolutionizing higher education.


The formation of true participants in the solution of social development problems of the Guatemalan community. We are an educational entity that promotes the use of science and technology for the solution of national problems.


Guatemala City

4A Calle,7a. Avenida
01010 Guatemala City, Guatemala Department, Guatemala

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