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Welcome to the School of Education whose goal is to train and produce professionals who will uphold and creatively demonstrate high morals and ethics at work and in society. They will carry out their duties to serve God and humanity. Our graduates will demonstrate relevant knowledge and competence as educators, counsellors, sociologists, managers, consultants in various institutions including schools, colleges and in society at large. The prospective educators, counsellors and teachers are expected to influence the society through positive moral and spiritual values. The School of Education, therefore, has positioned itself to meet this great need through designing, developing and implementing quality, flexible and varied curricula and specific programmes.

Our philosophy

The School of Education philosophy is to offer education that makes graduates self-directed, creative and transformative in line with the University’s motto of ‘Finding new paths. We believe in the principle that education should produce wholistic individuals who can serve God and humanity and make positive contributions to the society.

Our offer

We offer a wide range of degree and diploma programmes including Bachelor of Education in Arts (B. Ed. (Arts)) and Bachelor of Education in Science (B. Ed. (Science)), Diploma of Education in Arts, Science, Early Childhood Education and Special Needs Education (Dip. Ed. (Arts)/Dip Ed. (Science), Dip. Ed. (ECE) and Dip. Ed. (SNE). The school will also offer degree programmes in Early Childhood Education (B. Ed. (ECE) and Special Needs Education (B. Ed. (SNE) as well as postgraduate degrees in Educational Management (M. Ed. (Ed. Management), and Curriculum (M. Ed. (Curriculum studies). Purpose

Our degree and diploma programmes prepare students for the job market in the education sector and beyond. They acquire knowledge, skills and educational strategies which prepare them for the challenging roles and responsibilities in the ever-changing and modernizing educational institutions and society.



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